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"Migrating" Gen III-V Pokémon to Gen VI using PkHex, and Pokégen (Gen V)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by insanecrazy07, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I am back with another tutorial on faux-migrating your Pokémon from Gen V to Gen VI.

    I have discovered the secrets to creating seemingly "migrated" Pokémon across generations using nothing but a few programs and my SD card.
    That is total BS that you have to PAY monthly to have your 12-year old Pokémon transcend time and space.

    Also, as a sidenote, I would love to brag to little brat children that I have Pokémon that are older than them.

    SD card from 3DS
    Some way of "injecting" decrypting/re-encrypting saves to SD or legit cartridge, blah blah blah, not my tutorial, don't ask how
    Pokégen (Gen V)
    All proper steps followed in my previous tutorial:
    Bulbapedia or similar site to look up events

    First, let's start with the basic rundown of the program. Then we'll get to migration. This first series of steps is just to show how to make a Pokémon from scratch.

    It is generally recommended that you DO NOT start from scratch, but if all checks are done correctly, then it's fine.

    Bred Pokémon: Gen VI origin, non-legendary, non-event, non-special case, generally no hidden ability.

    1. Select your Species. For this example, we will make an Umbreon.
    Select Umbreon in Species: box.
    2. Nickname unchecked. Should say Umbreon.
    3. Max Level.
    4. Select Nature. For this, we'll select Calm.
    5. Give it an item. Select Leftovers for this example.
    6. Max friendship at 255.
    7. Language: ENG
    8. Uncheck all boxes. Only check "Is Egg" if it is currently an egg. It is hatched, so it remains unchecked.
    9. Select Country. For mine, I select United States.
    10. My sub-region is sr_24. Pick whatever.
    11. 3DS Region for me is Americas (NA/SA)


    Next Tab

    12. Origin Game: Y
    13. Met Location: Route 7. I make all of my hatched Pokémon met at Route 7, the area near the Day-Care Couple.
    14. Poké Ball. All bred Pokémon should have this.
    15. Met Level: 1. All bred Pokémon should have this.
    16. Met Date: I usually use the current date.
    17. Uncheck Fateful Encounter.
    18. Check As Egg.
    19. Location: Day Care helpers.
    20. Date: I use the same date as the Met Date, but never after the Met Date, and never before the creation of the gamesave file.


    Next Tab

    21. Stats are self-explanatory.


    Next Tab

    22. Current Moves: Wish, Moonlight, Heal Bell, and Foul Play.
    23. Now this part is tricky. The Relearn moves are not only Egg moves, but also moves that are passed down that are not Egg moves. If you look on serebii, you can find moves that have no level, and I believe these go here, with Egg moves first.


    Next Tab

    24. Enter in your Trainer ID, and Secret ID. If you already have pre-existing Pokemon, this is helpful since these will already be filled in. Go to another guide to find out your Secret ID if you haven't already figured it out.
    25. Latest Handler applies only to Pokémon that are not originally yours.
    26. All Extra Bytes are 0.
    27. Memories with: OT. The best one to use for bred Pokémon would be to use {0} was taken to Pokemon Day Care by {1}...; Ditto ; The Pokemon fondly remembers ; it was happy. I use this just because it's relatively neutral and can't get much of the details wrong.
    28. Enter any Friendship value. 255 is fine. 0 is fine. Affection, put 0. Fullness: 0, Enjoyment: 50. These don't really matter.
    29. Residence does not apply.


    30. When all fields are finalized, hit Reroll on Encryption Constant.
    31. Then go back over to Main and Reroll your PID.
    Steps 30 and 31 are always the last two, and always in this order. If you change something you must reroll.
    32. Use this as a template for all bred Pokémon for Gen VI originating from Gen VI.

    Now, let's migrate a Gen V Pokémon, from Japan, that was bred with the Hidden Ability, Magic Bounce.



    1. Open up Pokegen Gen V, and load a .PKM file of your choosing. For this example, I will use my coveted Magic Bounce Espeon.
    2. The details we will be grabbing from this file are as follows:
    The Nickname, just the Japanese characters エーフィ
    Country: Japan
    Origin: Black
    Game: Black (2)/White (2)
    Day Care Couple
    Poké Ball
    Level 1
    Date: 11/7/2010
    Trainer: トウヤ (always copy/paste the trainer name)
    Male, 7777:16822

    3. Enter in all of this new data into PKHeX.

    My theory is that the Met level is the current level you migrated them, just like it was with Gen III/IV to Gen V, but we'll play it safe by making the assumption that you did not level past its Met Level in previous generations and went directly to Gen V and then to Gen VI.

    Also, it seems that the Relearn Moves section does not apply to anything other than Gen VI, so Gen III-V are exempt.1 Yay. It's a pain in the butt to figure out what goes there.

    See pictures.

    The fields here are switched. Read carefully. In Pokegen Gen V, it says Hatch Conditions, meaning where did it hatch. In PkHex, it is Egg Met conditions, which is always Day-Care Couple. They've switched places.


    Remember to enter in your Trainer name for Handler.

    Memories/Amie Editor
    Memories with: notOT: {0} became {1}'s friend when it arrived via Link Trade...; a Pokemon Center; The Pokemon remembers; it was glad. Current Handler: Calem (my trainer's name).
    My theory that all transferred pokemon use this memory. Even ones from Heartgold (Gen IV) and Ruby (Gen III) use this.

    Residence: Put your Country and subregion here. My theory is that in previous generations, we did not have this so put the most recent one, which should be for me, United States, region 24 (see previous example).
    Reroll Encryption Constant and PID.


    Rules of Logic concerning Gen III and IV Pokemon. The game decides to cut off most of the Gen III and Gen IV data particularly its Met Locations when it was transferred to Gen V. It chopped off the details and just put Game Origin: Fire Red or whatever and (Pokétransfer). Gen VI does not reference Gen III or Gen IV data, since it was lost, but rather the cutoff data at Gen V.
    All Gen III and IV Pokémon will have Poké Transfer and their Gen III or IV Game Origin. Trash Bytes were eliminated in Gen V, and are not carried over into Gen VI.

    Here's an example of WISHMKR Jirachi from Ruby.
    It will not reference Ruby locations, or any Gen IV locations, but only Poké Transfer.

    Happy hacking everyone!