Microsoft has Finally Started Nagging Me

Discussion in 'Computers & Modding' started by Cahos Rahne Veloza, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Loonylion

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    I've never seen a significant number of privacy related updates, and their privacy policy in previous windows versions was fairly standard.

    It's only in windows 10 that they changed their privacy policy to basically give them free access to your computer and everything on it for any reason at all, not to mention uploading everything you type to microsoft servers, sharing your wifi key with your friend's friends, making it very difficult to use offline accounts without any of their cloud services crap attached, and even blatantly ignoring your privacy settings. (you can allegedly turn off most of the telemetry uploading; however Windows ignores the settings)
  2. Cahos Rahne Veloza

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    Windows 1...
  3. Loonylion

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    No, their first OS was MS-DOS (i.e a stolen copy of CP/M renamed to MS-DOS). First windows OS would have been 95 technically. (windows 1 was a file manager, 3.xx were basically a GUI on top of MS-DOS. IIRC you needed to buy a copy of MS-DOS and a copy of Windows 3.x separately.)
  4. Devon

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    Yeah I think I'll be waiting for 10.1 or something. 10 looks nice and all but I don't want to jump through hoops to deny Microsoft the privilege of knowing which genres of hentai doujinshi I jack off to.
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    see i make a joke and it goes to show how bad microsoft did do(also thanks for the answer). 2nd please note windows OS saves all your information from everything you type, install, use, and everything you pretty much do with it, which is a HUGE risk since windows DOES allow sharing CERTAIN information of yours to other companies.....has been in the policy since the day i read it 18years ago. Least google er ALPHABET admits they sell your information so you can use their service for free. I read alot as you can tell.

    Also dont reply to this, believe me both of us are correct on the matter. Its the risk you take when you play with other peoples things. Their stuff, their rules, THEIR LEGAL SYSTEM. Can be argued for years.
  6. Loonylion

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    I have a strong suspicion that the EU are going to take issue with windows 10. european privacy laws are VERY stringent, and windows 10 violates pretty much all of them.
  7. Prectorian

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    As if they would care. With them dominating 3/4 of the global market share (base on 2014 data shown in the spoiler below), they're over the wind. At best EU could sanction them to limit the data they gathered to certain purposes and prevent it from circulating on the world wide web. Data gathering is a billion dollar mining field.

  8. Blazemax

    Blazemax Well-Known Member

    they are? which ones are being violated?
  9. Niflheim

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    I installed it on my laptop and lots of things broke. It was also a lot of hassle to block the data collection stuff, and to get it running the way I wanted it to run, so I gave up and went back to 7. I didn't really notice much of a difference in boot times or performance, but I have an SSD and a decent CPU so I never had a problem with either of those to begin with. Definitely wouldn't recommend.
  10. Loonylion

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    collecting vast amounts of data for no clear purpose, ignoring the user's expressed wish for them not to collect said data, making it extremely difficult to prevent collection and transmission of said data for a start.
  11. Blazemax

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    seriously i highly doubt that 100%. thats pretty much means any search engine is guilty of it. I really dont know privacy laws too well, i mostly just stick with criminal side. Only thing i know for sure, is to fully read the license agreement when using any programs. they do inform you what information they collect, and how it is distributed. other than that, just dont put sensitive information on your computer for cripes sakes.
  12. Loonylion

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    Data collected by search engines is provided by the user to the remote site. There is an implicit understanding that the search engines may keep records of search terms for indexing/statistics purposes.

    Windows 10 privacy policy allows Microsoft to trawl through your computer looking for anything of interest for no specific reason, which is not permitted under EU law.

    EU privacy law states that companies must be explicit about what data they collect, why they collect it, what they do with it, how it is stored, who has access to it and how long it is stored for. They must also provide a means for the user to request copies of all data relating to them, and to request destruction of said data. Plus they must give the user an option to opt out of the data collection, and respect that choice once it has been communicated to them. EU based websites, by law, even have to ask your explicit permission to use cookies.

    Windows 10 provides a lot of reasonably well hidden controls that allegedly turns off the transmission of data to Microsoft, however a study by Ars Technica revealed that Windows 10 actually ignores the settings, so even if they're all turned off the data still gets transmitted; in clear violation of the opt-out provision of EU law.

    The IP addresses of the servers to which the data is transmitted are hardcoded into the OS, making common tactics such as hosts modification or DNS blackholing ineffective at stopping the transmission of data.

    As for not putting sensitive data on computers, so we cant use online banking anymore; and business should stop using computers entirely? Not in the slightest bit realistic.
  13. Blazemax

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    whoa whoa whoa, thats been like that since win95(which is the first microsoft os i used), you have read those privacy policy windows make you agree to when you use their os. whats worse is that hackers know EXACTLY where this information is kept and know how steal it.

    as for your last statement, do you know how many banks have been hacked and account informations been stolen. This is what you expect to happen when you find out they been using OUTDATED SOFTWARE and crappy security system. thats just a tip of iceberg when you seen how much increase of online fraud and theft has jumps each and every year. are you positive your accounts are safe? Dont believe me, ask the PSN users how they felt for two months.
  14. Loonylion

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    I know a lot of FOREIGN banks have been hacked, UK banks generally have pretty good security and mine uses two factor authorisation, so unless they either have inside access or my bank card AND customer number, they'd have a hard time getting in to my account. Not saying it's not possible, just that it's too much effort to be justifiable for most hackers.

    I don't have card details on PSN or google, so although I was affected by the PSN downtime (not really, I never play online), the hackers got nothing of value because there's nothing of value on my PSN account. Same for my google account.

    Most online fraud is social engineering; i.e tricking the victim into giving out the money/information themselves. I am absolutely meticulous about what I give out, and I have no presence on any social media platforms.

    My accounts are about as safe as is reasonably possible.
  15. Loonylion

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    And today microsoft backported all the windows 10 spyware to windows 7, 8 and 8.1...

    time to stop updating at all.

    im beginning to wonder if the american intelligence service is involved in this...
  16. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    Oh crap :eek:

    Which updates are these?
  17. Loonylion

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    KB3068708 ("Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry" and mandatory) KB3075249 ("Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7") and KB3080149 (also an "Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry", both optional) so far, but they're going to keep re-releasing them under different kb ids to make sure people don't manage to continually evade them.
  18. Blazemax

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    Yeah i do read too much news story i suppose, but that goes to show how much free time i spend. Also if you thinking that kind of scam is the most common, then i hope you dont fall victim to the real common one. it literally affects alot each day.
  19. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    KB3080149 and KB3075249 found and uninstalled, however I can't find KB3068708 maybe it was installed under a different I.D. as you mentioned? Any time stamp to help me locate it?
  20. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    no there aren't any timestamps, there never are.
    I studied IT security, I know that social engineering is one of the most common means of getting information, simply because it's the easiest, and it generally works. Thats exactly why online safety lessons tell you to watch what information you give out online