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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Julspower, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. johncarl

    johncarl Well-Known Member

    im only 13 cm old!!!!! :D
  2. Sarah Kreuz

    Sarah Kreuz Well-Known Member

    I wish i haven`t read that.
  3. marcy

    marcy Guest

    girl = dirty mind
  4. koyuchan

    koyuchan Well-Known Member

    Marcy, I'm not ! :(
  5. marcy

    marcy Guest

    Ok, not all girls. :)
  6. Sarah Kreuz

    Sarah Kreuz Well-Known Member

    *proud to be not a cutie* ;)
  7. yoshi2889

    yoshi2889 Well-Known Member

    AND IMMA 7 CM YOUNGER THAN YOU! (if you mean youre 17, then its true...)
  8. samB888

    samB888 Member

    Um,not sure i follow here but im 18cm old. :p heh
    Hi Juls.
  9. rock91

    rock91 Well-Known Member

    ooooooooookayyyyyyyy...this is a weird argument
  10. 1prinnydood

    1prinnydood Guest

    Welcome non-active moderator, you are just the person who we all don't know and don't need.
  11. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Well-Known Member

    I often "see" him in IRC though.
  12. sinharvest24

    sinharvest24 Guest

    guess i should say "Hi" here...but it seems to me that there is alot of spamming in here..anyways..HELLO JULes
  13. hi1116

    hi1116 Well-Known Member

    what happened to juls? i mean he hasn't logged on for about 1 and a half months and hes a mod.
  14. dedboy

    dedboy Guest

    Congrats on your family. Keep them before all else, and it's good to meet you. There's always room for one of the decent folk.
  15. isaac100

    isaac100 Well-Known Member

    Welcome To Romu, Enjoy Your Stay!
  16. iluvgtavcs

    iluvgtavcs Guest

    Wha... WHAT? You're the new Moderator?! Wow... Hi
  17. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Well-Known Member

    No, he's not new.
  18. gx280

    gx280 Guest

    lol, He was beeen around for ages.
  19. iluvgtavcs

    iluvgtavcs Guest

    Then who is he??? I dunno who he is....
  20. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Well-Known Member

    me neither

    he pops up once in a while though
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