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Martial arts

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solus, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Groohaze

    Groohaze Member

    I trained under the same Martial Art Bruce Lee learned before perfecting Ji Kune Do still has the principal of Ji Kune the best offense is a good defense. I sent a fat man to the ground with a simple leg sweep it was rather comical if he was not a friend of mine I would probably not have helped him up.
  2. Adiraya

    Adiraya Member

    It's called wing chun....

    Originally founded by a woman, hence the stance. But considered one of the deadliest style in the martial arts world.
  3. MindFever

    MindFever Well-Known Member

    Bujinkan Ninjutsu (what i hate is that we train without floor mats,on actual wood. Also during winter in snow and outside all the time during summer).Fuck,i remember my first break-fall...
    I cancelled my training after 3 years due of my both wrists being a bit fucked up during training (several times...allmost once a month.Not BROKEN,but sore and painful for several weeks.It does a strange clicking sound if i turn them).Also my knee is kind of weak too. Now im trying to get my strenghts back ,so for now im just fitnessing,heheh...
    Anyway, people from Germany,Austria,Italy,France and even Romania came to our seminars that was done by our Sensei... it is quite a serious thing.
    But when i see how Ninjutsu is trained in America... oh man,what a shame - but ok,im not saying all Americans have bad Dojos,but still... they pretty much suck in average :/ sorry,but its true.We had a dude with black belt (from an European country), that did WORSE breakfalls than our begginers... i mean,what the fuck is up with that? This is what i dislike in this martial art - so many people arround the world have great degrees but actualy have no real knowledge compared to people like Kacem or Ishizuka sensei.
    Im sorry,im just a bit frustrated...
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    Well,i heard that... Bruce Lee did train in Wing Chun ,but never trained it till he finished all there was to teach him.He often trained and exchanged knowledge with other people he met. He never sparred on ring ,so he never prooved his "worth".
    Deadliest styles eh? The deadliest style to me is the one that uses an actual sharp weapon :) or even a gun :D
    But i saw a few masters fight in this... it was pathetic... i guess they werent realy masters in this,heheh.It was an old tape somewhere on youtube (hmm,im not sure now...maybe it was a different style).

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    And regarding JI KUNE DO ...its called Jeet Kune Do last time i checked.And this was indeed a fighting style that Bruce Lee "invented" after he joined several different techniques and principles he himself learned thru out his experience/career.
    Fighting with a friend? thats not a real test.You will get in serious trouble if you think you can defend by using this trick in a real fight,even more than people who dont know how to fight and simply do the smart thing and go away.

    So you live in America ? what was the name of that trainer ?
  4. Adiraya

    Adiraya Member

    Deadly as far as weapons are out of reach.

    if it was weapon and stuff might as well pick up a nuclear bomb and drop it on someone's house and shit.... might stir up something...

    and btw Youtube isnt as accurate as claimed. I've met quite a few masters of their arts, and I can say that they are actually good at what they do. Aside from UFC, Pride FC, etc. Where styles doesn't really matter as long as you can get your opponent on the ground and pound him to smitherens (Bob "dillhole" Sapp anyone?). To be fair tho' there are some true masters in UFC etc. Wanderlei Silva is good, Anderson The spider" silva is also good, as well as quite a few others.

    So I think it's quite safe to say that an art will be deadly on the right and experienced hands.
  5. MindFever

    MindFever Well-Known Member

    i agree 100%
  6. Adiraya

    Adiraya Member

    I used to train on hardwood floors, ceramic floors, even normal soil ground. And it did gave my wrists and almost every joint in my body more than it could handle. But really.... what you really need is a little bit more of perseverence, and you would have gotten used to it. Our bodies work as mysteriously as the mind. It adapts to a certain level. Bear in mind, that it ADAPTS to a CERTAIN LEVEL. As long as the joint isnt broken it will adapt to the pain.

    I dislocate my wrist once. And it took me 10 years to adapt from a 10 punches in one go before collapsing (to a punching bag) to right now 100 punches in one go. But it's 10 years. It made clicking sounds before up until 2 years ago, but now it works beautifully (or maybe I just couldnt feel the pain anymore hahaha). But it's proof that through hard work ALMOST everything is possible. It's all in your will to survive.

    I would have to say that if you have a passion in something and not give up when you're facing a difficult situation, you will see results.

    It goes with everything, not only for martial arts.
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    Take your life like playing an RPG game. The hero levels up after beating a lot of monsters. And he need to level up to overcome the next obstacle. So we play hard to bring the hero up to a necessary level. Same as our life. Work hard to level up so that when the time comes we would always be ready to overcome the obstacle ahead. The difference is just that we cant SAVE and LOAD, and we cant use GAMESHARK or ACTION REPLAY to cheat when we get bored of levelling up. Although it would be great if we could.... ROFL....
  7. MindFever

    MindFever Well-Known Member

    I know,i know... thanks for your thoughts. Shikin haramitsu dai ko myo didnt help though,heheh ;) (a "chant" we do before training.it has Shinto roots or something). It is a first rule we learn that if it hurts,you are doing something wrong (if you fall and it hurts,you are doing it wrong... if you get hit by Jo or by Jute , you didnt do Sabaki or duck quickly enaugh... verry simple actualy ;) )
    There is also another problem... it is something like 120km away (70 miles?) from where i live so ... it did demotivate me to a degree.I am preparing to come back though.I also had quite a few times nausea during training for no reason (no,i wasnt that tired).It turned out my metabolism was a bit fucked up ...its okay now :)
  8. Oathlend

    Oathlend Member

    Hey I am a national level karate competitor 2nd dan Black Belt xD. Yes there is a touch of death but only high lvl belts learn it because well its fatal
  9. sinharvest24

    sinharvest24 Guest

    IP man was awesome ^_^
  10. OCValkyrie

    OCValkyrie Member

    I did Tae Kwon Do for awhile and got my yellow belt (Yes, only level two), but would've gotten higher if I wasn't a broke college student. I had fun with it and I'll probably go back sometime... if I don't find anyone to teach me Parkour first. I guess Parkour isn't a martial art, but it still looks cool and useful.
  11. angelic_kratos

    angelic_kratos Active Member

    Not started any martial arts yet but I do intend to at some point :p. I can use some of the weapons (nunchuks, steel fans, sai...) but just couldn't be bothered learning the arts to go with them at the time lol.
    Forced my brother to go start Wing Chun and he's loving it. I just can't afford it myself atm. Not fair. The martial art I really want to start is Baji Quan but I've only found one place in the UK to do it and it's in London like 100+ miles away :'(
  12. Solus

    Solus Well-Known Member

    Baji Quan? Is it like Taiji Quan (shadow boxing)
  13. angelic_kratos

    angelic_kratos Active Member

    Nope... Erm... Here's a small id of the movements one of the Baji styles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgkjaNrSrbE&feature=related

    If you ever played Virtua Fighter, it's Akira's fighting style but it's innacurate on there :p More accurate is with Kokoro from Dead or Alive 4
  14. MindFever

    MindFever Well-Known Member

    Martial Arts = Epic Fail most of the time these days
  15. Lapidouce

    Lapidouce New Member

    I started practicing karate for 4 months. It's very interesting to learn fighting skills, and it really strenghtens your body. I didn't start learning it because I wanted to be able to do self-defense ; I wanted to know how it feels to practice this kind of art. Besides, the community spirit is quite awesome.
  16. FriendlyFade

    FriendlyFade Member

    Um... Well. I've learned basic ideas and theories of the lot but that's about it. I hope that counts.

    I'm not a martial artist. But seriously I can fight for sure. Not the greatest. But it's not so bad either.
  17. kickboxing ftw
  18. nayiny

    nayiny New Member

    I´ve studied taekwondo, but due some problems with my dojang i had to leave it, i really liked ´cause my legs are stronger than my arms, but now i´m considering practicing kick-boxing
  19. crioza89

    crioza89 New Member

    Silat. it's awesome. cock punching & face spitting is a-ok as long as you don't use it in tournaments.
  20. smurr79

    smurr79 New Member

    Did Iaido for 2 and a bit years, having a short break now beacuse of money issues, and did a few lessons of Aikido that i'm looking forward to continuing.