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Manga Websites

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by LadyCrystal, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. tamahome

    tamahome New Member

    thank you .. I was looking for manga websites when i get to this fourm ..
    that sad after onemanga delete all their manga
  2. Read Manga

    Read Manga New Member

    since OneManga is gone I find http://www.deliciousmanga.com a nice alternative
  3. slapmeorelse

    slapmeorelse Well-Known Member

    AWWRIGHT!! Thanks!

    Now I hope they don't get found out too.. >_>
  4. Rumiko

    Rumiko Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Onemanga has been closed for a while. I'm trying to find the best alternative I can.
  5. gettajob0007

    gettajob0007 Well-Known Member

    Well I used to use onemanga, now I use http://mangastream.com

    Its a good website that uploaded manga quicker than onemanga did before it was closed down.
  6. Zydaline

    Zydaline Well-Known Member

    Months and months late, but if you're still interested... http://stoptazmo.com/manga-series/pokemon_adventures/
    You can read online and download there (and pretty much every other manga too), but the read online feature is slow, so downloading would be what I suggest.
  7. Rumiko

    Rumiko Well-Known Member

    Dunno, but the best manga sites are mangafox.com and mangareader.net
  8. Bigrob8917

    Bigrob8917 Member

    I'm quite disappointed that onemanga.com stopped with the sharing of manga. True, mangafox.com and mangareader.net are excellent as well, but for me.. onemanga.com is/was the best.
  9. slapmeorelse

    slapmeorelse Well-Known Member

    That's probably why the stupid publishers were after One Manga first
  10. NYman

    NYman Well-Known Member

    I'm going with mangareader.net and mangafox.com because they're both great. I never understood how to use onemanga...
  11. Rumiko

    Rumiko Well-Known Member

    It was honestly not that hard, lol
  12. lewis9191

    lewis9191 Well-Known Member

    Cool Bump Bro.
  13. NYman

    NYman Well-Known Member

    I don't even know how to read manga on onemanga.
  14. Rumiko

    Rumiko Well-Known Member

    lol, I didn't even realize the topic was dead...

    JOPDEAAP New Member

  16. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    MY EYES D':
  17. Rio Hanamachi

    Rio Hanamachi Member

    Here This is for Pokémon Adventures


    And here u can Download it


    And This for pocket monster


    Here u can Download it


    Hope that Helps u :)
  18. ChrysalisArt

    ChrysalisArt Well-Known Member


    this i always link when read manga :))