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Manga Websites

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by LadyCrystal, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. CloudBoii12

    CloudBoii12 Well-Known Member

    Anyone use Mangafox?
    It's what I use.
  2. Krilos

    Krilos New Member

    I generally use MangaHelpers for anything manga general but to read manga I use OneManga and MangaFox, never knew there were so many great sites out there. Thanks alot.
  3. makenic101

    makenic101 Well-Known Member

  4. JTakashiNe

    JTakashiNe Well-Known Member

    I use onemanga more because it's faster compared to when I used mangafox but I also use mangafox since it has a larger collection of mangas.
  5. Blaze107

    Blaze107 Well-Known Member

    Guys, does anybody know where I can read Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist or Millennium World? I cant seem to find them. It seems most sites like onemanga have the original series, but Im in for the card games.
  6. WilliamPetty

    WilliamPetty Active Member

    Onemanga seems to be posted alot, but, it's very inaccurate, taking the first scans they get. I've noticed quite afew of the newer scans missing pages and having wrong translations. However, it is still good for newest scans quickly. I recommend http://www.mangafox.com alot more. I also like http://kidoailakutrad.free.fr/ for the latest RAWS, considering Mangahelpers seems to be pretty late.
  7. Blade5406

    Blade5406 Well-Known Member

    yes, mangafox is good too :) , though it's missing some volumes for the Fist of the North star manga D;
  8. WilliamPetty

    WilliamPetty Active Member

    Yeah, OneManga seems to have quite abit of selections. ^_^ Though most of the I clicked were romance. XD
  9. s_quizno

    s_quizno Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's a lot of archive sites, very useful, espescially for the older series. For the new ones though, or those that I've kept up with, I just check Manga-updates and get the chapter directly from a specific scanlation group. While these big archives are useful, most of the time they upload things from many different groups. That's not really a problem, however, I try to stick with one scanlation group per manga for translation and quality consistency.
  10. gealeve

    gealeve New Member

    umm i know of only threee sites to read manga.. ^_________^


    hope you like them..
  11. Lol_Devilz

    Lol_Devilz New Member

  12. markswan

    markswan Well-Known Member

    I love Wargreymon, there are not enough mangas staring him.
  13. ggrroohh

    ggrroohh Well-Known Member

    Could someone reccomend a place for me to download RAW manga ?
    There's one in particular that I want.
    And no torrents if possible cause they're pretty much always dead.
  14. exiavalanche

    exiavalanche Well-Known Member

    is there a place where i can read gundam 00V gundam 00P gundam 00F
  15. crazytuna

    crazytuna Well-Known Member

    raws...aren't they really hard to get?...
    the only one I could get you are Lucky Star raws >_>
  16. airdash123

    airdash123 Well-Known Member


    Its my major ones, really useful ;)
  17. shinsengumi-0

    shinsengumi-0 Active Member

  18. isumi22

    isumi22 New Member

  19. LeAFyromster

    LeAFyromster New Member

    thanx for the sites
  20. gettajob0007

    gettajob0007 Well-Known Member

    onemanga ftw