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Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by LadyCrystal, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. LadyCrystal

    LadyCrystal Active Member

    Yay two huge manga websites! Free to download and read!

    Enjoy your reading~
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    stickied, thank you LC :)
  3. LadyCrystal

    LadyCrystal Active Member

    As I have said I always try to find that rare thing~
  4. invinciicloud

    invinciicloud Member

    Thanks so much for the anime and manga webbies!=P
  5. SonGoku1905

    SonGoku1905 Well-Known Member
  6. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    StopTazmo is without doubt the best manga site i've seen in quite a while :)
  7. SonGoku1905

    SonGoku1905 Well-Known Member

    I agree ,they have a very big archive and latest episodes. if only they allowed download managers and batch downloading. I personally prefer getting early volumes from sites like realitylapse and ffshrine , and get the latest chapters from stoptazmo.
  8. Hai Dang

    Hai Dang Member

    Download movie in is very slow.
    I can't download from this site.
  9. Relys

    Relys Well-Known Member

    Which sites have english manga, or manga translated into english? We could have a manga section for the ds where we could post converted manga's for easy ds viewing, via Comic Book DS 2.0 Final!
  10. SonGoku1905

    SonGoku1905 Well-Known Member

    These sites all have translated manga except rawmanga , which offers 'uncooked' manga for the 日本語 learners (like me ^^)

    Here are a few more
  11. Spyder

    Spyder Guest

    And if anyone's interested in comic book (not manga) websites, just let me know :)
  12. nekochan014

    nekochan014 New Member

    Try this sites:
  13. btxy

    btxy New Member

    thanks for the info
  14. kaze_009

    kaze_009 New Member

    about vnmanga; you have to be a member to download and just like romulation; you have to earn points or coppers by posting in their forums but they have a big collection of manga there ^^
  15. quan4

    quan4 Active Member

    try, is a online reading manga site. also try this site <-- i dont really know muxh about the site but it have 388 manga titles.
  16. yagamee.light

    yagamee.light Member


    Here is another manga site to share.

    It has lots of manga to view online.

  17. quan4

    quan4 Active Member is great but u have to clik back to view the next page is so tiresome.
  18. Relys

    Relys Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the links!
  19. Drake801

    Drake801 Active Member
    great site
  20. mvblack

    mvblack New Member

    Thanks But not Hot enogh as i expected