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King of the Hill

Discussion in 'Forum Games, Jokes & Random' started by holoflame, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. holoflame

    holoflame Well-Known Member

    rules: Kick the previous poster off the Hill.
    End all of your posts with MY Hill.
    And all of the forum rules.

    Let's start.

    Since there's nobody around my Hill I'm gonna build a fort. MY Hill
  2. black dragon 1

    black dragon 1 Well-Known Member

    * Black dragon 1 blows holoflame out of his fort and off the hill*

    Since it's my hill now I building a Very nice castle. MY HILL
  3. miros

    miros Well-Known Member

    black dragon 1 just got round housed in the face...MY HILL
  4. Alex_t15

    Alex_t15 Member

    starts as miros' jester, annoys him so much tell him to b king and he runs away home, jetster(That's me!) builds a tower with a beauty in it locked away:p so now there is a castle with a fort around it and a tower with a beautiful princess in it:p
  5. bhatooth

    bhatooth Well-Known Member

    thank you now its my hill since you didnt say MY HILL thanks for building it guys! MY HILL
  6. Urashimakun890

    Urashimakun890 New Member

    Actually it's my hill.
    -brings Chuck Norris-
    Any questions fellas as to why it is my hill forever?
    My hill.
    -kicks you out of hill- >:D
  7. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member


    *brings in optimus prime

    Peace to our neibours, death to all invaders

  8. alexong96

    alexong96 Well-Known Member

    *brings Galactus and destroys mds
    MY hill! wait...where's my hill?
  9. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    Nex slaps alex... my hill now. Nex, plants a tree.
  10. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    *brings cute little butterfly that makes nex leave for no apparent reason

    I shall repeat-MY HILL!
  11. Urashimakun890

    Urashimakun890 New Member

    If I beg can I have the hill?
    My hill!
  12. alexong96

    alexong96 Well-Known Member

    Hell no! MY HILL!
  13. black dragon 1

    black dragon 1 Well-Known Member

    Not anymore since you didn't have a body like this!

  14. Alex_t15

    Alex_t15 Member

    Jester's back! MY HILL! Upgrades castle for extra defence and offence, so even Chuk Norris can't come in(and optimus prime), installs kirby swordsman and gaurds aswell.
  15. atrain

    atrain Member

    I walked in through the back door
    MY HILL!!
  16. dmac154

    dmac154 Well-Known Member

    Well since no one is online... the awesome superiority that is dmac claims the hill to be his.
    so MY HILL.
  17. kukuru

    kukuru Well-Known Member

    because the previous King of the hill is offline

    I OWN dmac!!!

  18. keeganr0x

    keeganr0x New Member

    *takes u to the playboy mansion and runs back
  19. dhanash

    dhanash Well-Known Member

    kamehameha you and the hill..........
    omg......... no hill left :( my space!
  20. kukuru

    kukuru Well-Known Member

    ask seph to ban dhanash because not following this thread rule