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iluvfupaburgers New Massive Cheat Database (04/23/2011)

Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by iluvfupaburgers, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Just download this tool : http://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/rom-hacks/download-retrogamefan-ds-scene-rom-tool-v10-build-1205-f25536.html
    1. Download package (choose right option not the left) and unpack it
    2. Run the program DS-SCENE ROM TOOL as admin (if necessary)
    3. Let it update itself to the latest (if you see error, then re-do step 2 "run as admin'
    4. Go to DATABASE and choose CMP DATABASE, and then CHECK FOR UPDATES
    5. Once you had downloaded the latest cheat code database you need, press DATABASE again
    6. Press INSTALL TO MEDIA (make sure you had insert your SD Micro to the computer)
    7. Choose your SD Micro, and choose location to add the cheat to in the SD Micro
    8. Done.
  2. goresutoda

    goresutoda New Member

    yo dude where is the link for the dat file? if no link how to download? ~_~
  3. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    if you need a new cheat database, go to codemasters project site and download it, or download it using ds-scene rom tool
  4. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

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