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iluvfupaburgers New Massive Cheat Database (04/23/2011)

Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by iluvfupaburgers, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member


    First of all I need to point out that you're posting in the Flashcart section, when you're supposed to be posting in the Rom Request under the Share Section. *Sorry not trying to sound unfriendly*

    Secondly, there's no official USA version of that game you're looking for. Only a fan translated version made by AbsoluteZero (not sure partial or full) made ages ago and have not been updated since. You can find the fan translated version here: http://forum.romulation.net/index.php?topic=44259.0 or download the patch file and patch it on your own if you already have the JPN rom from here : Tales of Innocent Patch File

    *The discussion end here, as its iluvfupaburger's cheat database thread.*
  2. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    AR codes for Yugioh Over The Nexus games (USA) available on GameFaqs websites!
  3. Joel16

    Joel16 Well-Known Member

    U help a lot of ppl dont u mate ;)
  4. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Not really, I try not to help with things I don't have firm answer. Regarding the above post, well he posted in the wrong thread, so I merely try to direct him to the right links for him. Of cause I've to tell him that he can't further discuss the rom search in this thread as this is the cheat thread. That's all, no ill intention to it, really. :p
  5. andriod

    andriod Member

    i has a question :D

    who's versions of Pokemon white and black do you have covered In general?
    all the Roms Ive tried dint have cheats :(
  6. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    downlaod cheat db from here: http://cheats.gbatemp.net/ that should have the codes you need
  7. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member


    How come you've not updated the first post since April? Usually I've to do some catching up with your updates. :)

    Here's a nice phrase to add to your page 1:
    *If you can't use my cheats, that means God forbid you from cheating.*
  8. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    lol, not updating anymore the cheat db. had some problems around, i should have a post about it a few pages back. but check codes, and cheat databases in these places:

    cheats.gbatemp.net - this db hasnt been updated since march but check the forums for the latest cheats so you can add them yourself
    http://www.codemasters-project.net - this one is pretty good db, it is updated regularly by elixirdream! but you need to become a member of the forums to downlaod this one
  9. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Oh, ok. I think I'll opt to check from gbatemp's page rather than project's. Don't want register in too many sites.
  10. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

  11. rushfan74

    rushfan74 New Member

    y'all might as well register with elixerdream at codemasters project.com. they already have cheats updated to july 1st.(30.6.11)and still climbing. gbatemp cheats has been dead since march 2011.
  12. Prectorian

    Prectorian . Staff Member

    Thanks but I'll pass. RGF also post usrcheats updates as well which he bundled together with his DS-Scene Tool updates and YSMENU updates.
  13. exiavalanche

    exiavalanche Well-Known Member

    can you do cheats for nine persons nine hours nine doors and spider man shattered dimensions
  14. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    im not doing cheats anymore. check http://www.codemasters-project.net for the cheat db there. but doesnt have 999. i tried doing text speed on 999 but didnt get it right. words got all together and made it unreadable
  15. sinnoh2

    sinnoh2 Well-Known Member

    what are fupa burgers ive always wondered
  16. CPNexus

    CPNexus Member

    I use the DSTWO flashcard, but what folder do I put either of those cheat downloads in? My boyfriend set up my flashcard but said he didnt remember how he did it. the only cheat thing I have is a file labeled CHEATS.VCD so I'm not sure where to even start to update my cheat file database for my DS games. ^^'
  17. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    Copy the usercheat.dat file into the folder where the CHEATS.VCD file is.
  18. CPNexus

    CPNexus Member

    Thanks ^_^
  19. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome.
    Enjoy your cheating :)
  20. MidnightToker

    MidnightToker New Member

    Hi, I tried to download that cheat file but Media Fire says it was deleted. Does someone else have a file I can download? Every time I google one and download it, it doesn't seem to work. :\