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Discussion in 'Game Help' started by erestil, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. erestil

    erestil New Member

    Hello all. I'm sorry if this isn't the right section but I didn't know where to post so if it's not where this post should be just tell me or move it to where it have to stay.

    Ok now I go with my problem now:

    I downloaded 2 Pokemon Soul Silver rom; 1 is italian and another one is (U) translated in italian. They are both patched for the freeze problem so they work perfectly but here it comes the problem:

    1- On the italian one the cheat box is not showing at all
    2- On the (U) one the box appear but when I select it the nds freeze and I have to switch it off.

    so my question is: How do I enable cheats?
    I downloaded an usercheat.dat from this site (I think) already and it is around 13 mb. Until now I tried using r4cce to enable cheats clicking on the "..." to make the ID of the code match the one of the patched rom and selecting "game enabled" and "cheats on" (or something like that on the cheat I was going to activate) but nothing seems to work. I tried to bring the pokemon cheat folder in r4cce on the top too and to delete every game code beside pokemon soul silver .... ofc since I'm here I failed badly :p nothing worked

    The card I have is an R4i RTS.

    I hope some1 will help me T_T thanks in advance!!

    PS. time ago I found a post of some1 having almost the same problems and with r4cce I was able to activate codes automatically just pressing the button for example R+L+UP without opening the cheat menu on ds because they were already on but now I can't find that anywhere and I don't remember how I did it (T_T)
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