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Halo LOL stories

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by treec_cynda, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. treec_cynda

    treec_cynda Guest

    So basically, if you have a funny story from Halo, post it here!


    Halo 1: I was playing on a one-team, no-death stunt server. Somebody came up with the idea to start a vehicle shop system, so there was a Banshee shop, a Ghost shop, and a car (Warthog) shop. At the same time, somebody else came up with the idea to live in the circular room at the center of the map. I stole a Banshee from the shop and notified everybody - nobody did anything. After a few bombings on that guy's "house," I decided I'd really piss him off. I landed the Banshee in his house and stole the car. I said "I just stole a car." The next thing on the chat bar was the car's owner (not in the area), screaming "Gimme back my car you bitch." He eventually (about 20 minutes later) got his car back when he took advantage of my game glitching up. I lol'd.
  2. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    Halo, lol.
  3. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    And here I thought treec_cynda had been perma-banned.
  4. treec_cynda

    treec_cynda Guest

    What exactly do you mean by that?
  5. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Exactly what it says.

    I must have gotten you confused with Tyson_something.
    Can't imagine why.
  6. Corriger

    Corriger Well-Known Member

    I will humor the thread creator and post on topic, only 'cuz I like Halo too much.

    Halo Reach: I was playing campaign, on Sword Base, when I came across the two Hunters. I had a rocket launcher with only two rockets left, and was both trying to blow 'em up while avoiding getting blown up.

    First shot - missed by a mile.

    Second shot - hit the forklit right in front of me, blowing me sky-high.

    Reason? It was simply because 1) I can't aim with the damn rocket for some reason, and 2) I was strafing, and not paying attention to my surroundings. That, or it was just a stroke of bad luck.
  7. kushedok7

    kushedok7 New Member

    well in halo reach i rejected a rocket and killed two other people but the kill didnt count for me except suicide for the other guy, so i was a little disappointed