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Good Place For Game Manuals - Free

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by fallenleader, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. phantomreader

    phantomreader New Member

    Great site...glad I stumbled in here!
  2. chaunceez

    chaunceez Well-Known Member

    thanks now i can read manuals an post on youtube +)
  3. Kingo33

    Kingo33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the web :D
  4. s_quizno

    s_quizno Well-Known Member

    Just another thank you post. This really helped out.
  5. snebbers

    snebbers Well-Known Member

    Excellent, Now I can waste my time reading the manuals of games which actually really fascinates me... I ALWAYS have to read the WHOLE manual (English Only of course) before I play the game.
  6. airdash123

    airdash123 Well-Known Member

    This will become in handy someday ::) I never been using any walkthrough lol.

    Great share. ;)
  7. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    this topic has been rezzed so many times.

    nice to know i am/was useful somewhere online.
  8. snebbers

    snebbers Well-Known Member

    That made me lol. Well it was stickied :) So people are bound to comment on it.
  9. 2glass

    2glass New Member

    Very nice, although i find it useless with all the gamefaqs and walkthoughs, tips ect outhere
  10. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    the only point is they're scans of the real manuals. some games may also not have faq's, may not have manuals either. gives you a 2nd place to check.

    plus some games have beautiful manuals, not sure if they have it but lunar 2 came with a 180?page hardcover manual. lots of stuff inside.
  11. Supie

    Supie Well-Known Member

    Gr8 info thanks.
  12. graveboy

    graveboy Member

    =[ i click the link...but no, "THE WEBPAGE CANNOT BE FOUND"
  13. matty999555

    matty999555 Well-Known Member

    Same. Big 404 Error.

    However Google Cached it 2 days ago and it worked. Guess its temporarily down (Hopes).
  14. gx280

    gx280 Guest

    This could come in handy if i need it one day. Thats good. thanks
  15. misteranderson

    misteranderson New Member

    It's awesome, but I think I'm going the long way...
  16. ejaykn

    ejaykn New Member

    Hmm... The link is broken for me.
  17. azlanshah

    azlanshah Well-Known Member

  18. ybom

    ybom Well-Known Member

    Use faqs.ign.com too. They have html format walkthroughs on some games (as well as traditional gamefaqs style on most).
  19. matty999555

    matty999555 Well-Known Member

    Its back up
  20. gamblore101

    gamblore101 Well-Known Member