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Good Place For Game Manuals - Free

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by fallenleader, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest


    Don't lknow if its been posted here, but I did find this site. Its really good and they mention they're even linked to some manufacturers sites. The manus. send people there for replacement manuals in .pdf format.

    They Don't have everything but are open for uploads and seem completely free.

    Anyway Enjoy.

    "this isn't spam, I just wandered acrossed it.
  2. anandjones

    anandjones Well-Known Member

    Yes most gamefaqs walkthroughs have some sort of game manual at the start of them as well.
  3. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    yeah, I know they cover controls and such, sometimes character bios.
    But this site has full color scans in .pdf

    Thats all, just in case you want authentic.
    Other places offer the prima strategy guides, its better to go to Gamefaqs.com for the faqs than "find" the guides. Its also legal.

    The scans on the above mentioned site, are legal, free. and they have gotten letters from some companies complaining. they took those manuals off their site. Funny thing, the companies stop selling the manual but they still can't offer it free.
  4. Sprite

    Sprite Well-Known Member

    I love manuals. Thank you ^^

    The 'manuals' at the start of GameFAQs guides are so inferior. We want pics and stuff too!
  5. BloodVayne

    BloodVayne Well-Known Member

    Ooo, thanks. Heh, now I can recover all those manuals I lost.
  6. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    WOW, this is turning out to be one of the most important things i've ever said on the net.

    Honestly, next to this, its just reviews on my forum, of products that are good or suck.

    If anyone else finds any other sites like this, please let me know. I'm getting ready to burn a disk with all my psx/dreamcast manuals and FAQs on it.
  7. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    has this been stickied? ???
  8. Abbafan1972

    Abbafan1972 Well-Known Member

    Very useful site, thanks. ;)
  9. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    no problem. ;D The most useful post i've ever made.

    Thank you.

    Edit: edited wrong post.
  10. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    just kicking it up here, but they could use more manuals if anyone wants to contribute. I only have 3 psx games left so I am going to check if they have the manuals for those. Plus they offer other systems as well. ???

    Edit: Meant to edit this one.

    Edit: I went there today, seem to be down, hopefully not forever.
  11. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    no need to bump it as its stickied.
  12. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    I wasn't bumping, not intentionally. Probably should have just edited the last post instead of making a new one. Sorry. I know its stickied, im happy it is. ;D

    Edit: they do still exist and are up again.
  13. syx

    syx Active Member

    Well, thanks dude!
  14. nemer

    nemer Member

    gamefaqs.com..hands down the best site that hosts reviews and gameplays and walkthroughs for a vast variety of games
  15. musiclegend14

    musiclegend14 Well-Known Member

    i just stumbled upon this post today and the sites either down or does not exist anymore

    thought i'd let everyone know
  16. Abbafan1972

    Abbafan1972 Well-Known Member

    Just tried it and it worked fine for me.
  17. mojo73

    mojo73 New Member

    Works for me, Good work 'fallenleader'! Thanks!
  18. musiclegend14

    musiclegend14 Well-Known Member

    its working for me now...it must have been down at the time
  19. fallenleader

    fallenleader Guest

    they do seem to have downtimes. could use some more manuals as well.