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generic USB controller configuration conflict

Discussion in 'Non-Emulation Help' started by sylvestre, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. sylvestre

    sylvestre New Member

    I recently bought a N64 controller hoping to play n64 games on pc...but I have a little (big) problem...2 of the controls shares the same exact programmation entry...

    let me show you...you'll get my pain...


    I can't configure them independently...if I set 1 up the joystick...then when I set the d-pad it says that the controlls are taken already (they aren't obviously...)

    I'm far from a noob myself...I studied in this field, but never took advanced coding classes^^'' just lvl 1&2 support^^

    anyway, any help is welcome^^ ps:I do have teamviewer.
  2. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    you are using an old version of the emulator so install the latest emulator from official download page.
    to setup your controller in the latest version go to Options>Configure controller plugin.
    and im pretty sure you wont find any problem in this version.
  3. sylvestre

    sylvestre New Member

    I feel pretty dumb now...yup, the emulator wasn't up to date...thanks a lot^^
  4. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    happy to help :)

    do reply if you solve it.