[GC] Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes weird dark symbol?

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    In the area called "Landing Site" ,If you look right next to Samus's Gunship,(to the gunship's right), you'll find two pillar thingies, a short one and a tall one, that you usually use as a stairs to get on top of the ship, However, If you look above the short one with the Dark Visor, you'll find a weird symbol. What is that symbol??? I can't find anything on the internet about it. Is it a hidden Easter Egg? What does it mean? I've noticed that it looks sorta like the "Flying Ing Cache" so... are they related? Or is that a Luminoth symbol ? Or an Ing symbol?
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    Yeeuuup. Turns out it was a Flying Ing Cache, That held a Sky Temple Key. It was in the exact corresponding location of the symbol, But in the Dark World. And once I blew it up, The symbol in the Light World disappeared. Why'd no one reply to me tho?
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