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GBA Legend of Zelda : Minish Cap ROM (HELP)

Discussion in 'Game Help' started by MCFlinga, May 20, 2010.

  1. MCFlinga

    MCFlinga New Member

    I downloaded: Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap rom from here, booted it up in Boycott Advance v0.4 for MAC.
    Everything runs fine the only problem is: when I first encounter a deku scrub along the path to the castle at the beginning of the game, the deku nuts go right through link and the shield all together and won't reflect off the shield when I block. Any way to fix this glitch?

    - Ive tried multiple roms and VisualBoy Advance emulator. . . and the the problem persists.
  2. Zelda_RPG

    Zelda_RPG New Member

    I was looking to play it on my computer too, because I sold my Game Boy about 5 years ago and after a long time searching the RPG online I finally found a site where you can download a working version of Zelda Minish Cap and play it on your computer, mac, android or IOS device.

    Zelda is still very popular and maybe you love Zelda as much as I do :)
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