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Flash Carts: A Guide to What to Avoid and What to Buy

Discussion in 'Flashcart Help' started by LuckyTrouble77, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

    First off, you'll want one of these:

    - Another wonderful cart with the incredible AKAIO firmware. A must have for any DSi owner who doesn't care about GBA emulation.
    Compatible with all DS models and the 3DS.
    R4i Gold 3DS
    - Don't be fooled by the R4 name. This is a wonderful cart for both the 3DS and DSi, as well as the DSlite or DS Phat. No matter what you have, this will work for you. It runs the fantastic Wood kernel, giving it top notch game compatibility. For the price, it's hard to beat. Note: The page I link to is for the correct R4i Gold cart. Beware of imitators. Only the product from the following site is legitimate: http://www.r4ids.cn/
    Compatible with all DS models and the 3DS.


    R4 Original
    - 2GB capacity is the main limitation of this cart. Otherwise it has compatibility on par with the top carts with the addition of Wood R4.
    (If this costs more than $4 or $5, it isn't the R4 Original - It should specifically note that there is 2GB max, non-SDHC.)

    As Loony mentioned, you will need a MicroSD card no matter what, and the kernel is entirely drag and drop for every cart. Nothing you buy will be directly insert and work. It will always require some work on your end.
  2. MoloMowChow

    MoloMowChow New Member

    I went to the link you provided but it seems it isn't being sold anymore at Gamespree (Canada, which is where I live) and the other shop SnipADeal is Australian and at $25!

    I tried going to ww.r4ids.cn to check its list of sites that sell it, but all of those sites seem shady (filled with ads, no product in site), don't load or are forcing a minimum buy of 10 units or something. Is there a reliable site to by R4i Gold 3DS?
  3. funguy

    funguy Well-Known Member

    This is where i bought mine, a very trustworthy site http://www.zhuzhuchina.com/store/dsi_r4i_gold_slot-1_flashcard_type_d__www_r4ids_cn__3ds_1_4_4_compatible_wood_3ds.html
  4. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

    Zhu Zhu China is definitely a trustworthy site last I checked, and funguy linked to the right cart. Shoptemp seems to be low on stores these days for one reason or another. Ah well, try out Zhu Zhu, or there's a couple more shops here that you can look at.

    Another that isn't listed that has been trustworthy in the past is lightake.
  5. Shawn hacker

    Shawn hacker New Member

  6. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

  7. verratti4

    verratti4 New Member

    I am an EXTREME newbie to R4 so the Flash Cart Buying Guide was very helpful, but I am still confused so I should buy R4i SDHC 3DS (that is supposed to come in a red box) or R4i Gold card. Also not sure if you can or cannot tell someone where to purchase a card from but if you can that would be very most helpful, as of me typing this google.com has pages and pages of sites that sell r4 cards. I really tried to search this before posting and this guide was the most helping option I found. Thanks to all.....
  8. funguy

    funguy Well-Known Member

    Look at my previous post, i have linked to the R4i that is the best to purchase.
  9. lyvin17

    lyvin17 New Member

    guys does GEi supports 3ds. . ? "i just upgraded this flash card" and i just updated my 3ds into 4.2.0-9U. . i put my flash card i it says error. . .
    \ /
    "Releasing GEi kernel update for DSi 1.44(1.45/C) and 3DS" 2012-04-25
    We'd like to release the new update program "GEi upgrade version 1.44" which supports DSi 1.44(1.45/C) and 3DS
  10. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

    At this point, probably not. Most carts don't support the newest 3DS firmware. It's best to get a reliable cart in the future.
  11. crazytwish

    crazytwish New Member

    I have a cyclo, but can't use it, as I was stupid enough to update my DSi firmware to get the free Zelda anniversary game. (It ended up being crap anyway.)

    I ended up buying a SupercardTwo, and it's fantastic. I love being able to play GBA games on it, like the Lord of the Rings series, which I've played through twice already.
  12. summerxxxx1

    summerxxxx1 Well-Known Member

    im after a genuine seller that sells r4i 3ds that accepts paypal or visa debit anyone got any ideas?
  13. funguy

    funguy Well-Known Member

  14. summerxxxx1

    summerxxxx1 Well-Known Member

    it says free worldwide shipping but then at the end asks you what shipping you want to pay for?? $6.00 for uk i thought it was free?
  15. Jhon 591

    Jhon 591 Well-Known Member

    Thought you knew better then that girl ;) ... , Nothink much is ever free ;D

    Yes best see if any knows a much better site, that they have delt with and happy with there results from them.

    You know I have nether in all my years shop online :eek: xd ;)
  16. funguy

    funguy Well-Known Member

    I paid $6 for registered mail, for $6 is well worth it.
  17. summerxxxx1

    summerxxxx1 Well-Known Member

    i know $6 is nothing but why do they say free when its not! ooooooh so tempting
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    plus while im here anyone come across a easy way to fix a floppy lid on a ds lite without taking it apart too much or an easy way to replace the lid
    i take things apart and sometimes they dont go back together :(
  18. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    its probably a different type of shipping. Free is the slowest and most basic, you pay more to get your item faster and for parcel tracking etc.
  19. asdfth12

    asdfth12 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know a place where I can buy some of the crap flashcards like the firecard or n5, or the older cards like the original CycloDS and AKRPG? I'm wanting working cards for collection purposes.
  20. summerxxxx1

    summerxxxx1 Well-Known Member

    Is there anywhere that does payment by either visa debit or paypal???? when buying cards?