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Firearms: Ammo is so damn expensive...

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by insanecrazy07, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    Anyone here firearm enthusiasts?

    I'm trying to find the cheapest, cruddiest, bottom of the line, 9mm luger ammunition.
    And no I will not be reloading, so aluminum-cased rounds are fine by me.

    I've got a Glock 27 with a Lone Wolf conversion barrel and it seems to run fine. Jamming is okay because it's just for range time, not anything else. I hear people have issues feeding/ejecting with aluminum-cased rounds.

    Also, because it's an aftermarket barrel, I can also shoot lead cast bullets. I hate that Glock barrels can't shoot these to begin with.

    I've also got a .22LR conversion upper, in which case this whole post is useless, but there will come a time where I'm going to need more recoil than a .22LR to simulate a .40 S&W without actually using .40 S&W ammo and breaking the bank in doing so.
  2. Natewlie

    Natewlie A bag of tricks

    I got really cheap for ammo so I started buying those sparklers, shaving the part that actually sparks and shit and getting rocks and taping them to rocks and putting them inside my shotgun.

    It seems to work.
  3. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

    I'd help yah, but im legally prohibited from owning firearms
  4. calvin_0

    calvin_0 Well-Known Member

    i like guns.. too bad malaysia doesnt have 2nd amendment... every country should have 2nd amendment.
  5. Stanley Richards

    Stanley Richards Well-Known Member

    god help us if you were allowed to.
  6. nex26

    nex26 Well-Known Member

    sure, worked out well for america...
  7. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    I'm not about to allow this thread to turn into a huge debate on gun control, but I will say this. Crime is most prevalent in gun-restricted zones. Why? It's because it's the easiest target for criminals and the path of least resistance.

    Criminals will always want an advantage over their victims. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens level the playing field. Ban all guns and they'll resort to knives, which are quick to deploy, silent, and more lethal than any single gunshot wound. Only 20% of people with a single gunshot wound are killed by it (heart, lungs, brain, excessive bleeding).

    Not to mention that there's no regulations regarding knives, and there's no ballistics markings system similar to that of caliber and microstamping on guns.
  8. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    It's supposed to be legal in the U.S., but many technicalities (like those here in New York) make it almost impossible for people to actually carry one legally in certain states.

    But of course knives are easy to acquire just about anywhere : 3 < That cat face is my dangerously murderous face.

    So, uh, no. I don't know where to get cheap ammo.
  9. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily where, but specifically what brand or type of ammo. I've been looking into steel-cased ammo. I may have to go with regular brass since I haven't been able to find either aluminum, or steel-cased ammo or even lead cast.

    I'm aware of certain states that are overly anti-gun and I conveniently have them stamped on my 25-round .22LR mag. I don't care if someone paid me to live there. I'd never live in a state overrun by ignorant liberals who think they're doing the public good by disarming them.
  10. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Guns would be nice, but I wouldn't live in any other U.S. state for the world.
  11. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there is a dodgy dealer on your street corner.
  12. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    This is a good point, we in australia have alot of knife related violence, we age check for people who buy knives (even plastic picnic ones ffs) but that doesn't stop some 14yr grabbing one from their parent's house and stabbing someone (which does happen, or even a box cutter which may of been given to them by their work, my work gave me one...) so ethier way, gun or no gun, someone WILL get hurt...but what does it matter for australia with the underworld gangs being so brazen to whip out a gun in a middle of a shopping centre and get away with nearly killing 2 people what does it matter...

    As for the actual topic at hand, to me it's like smokes.

    The higher the price, the less out there, with the intention of being less harmful if people can obtain less of it, I'd help if I can but I'm obviously not an american nor do i have any knowledge of firearms other than battlefield 3 and wikipedia taught info...

    If I could get one I'd take this advice.

    Cheap dragon's...breath?

    *Saw fpsrussia using this sparkly shotgun type ammo, was dragon something but it was for movie effect, although I assume sparkler dust doesn't come out sparkly once fire from an actual shotgun right?
  13. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    If you want some authentic firearm knowledge, head over to hickok45's channel, or iraqveteran8888's channel. fpsrussia is for the immature audience that thinks a shotgun spread is huge at 7 yards.

    If you like knives, head on over to cutlerylover's channel. Lot's of balisongs, benchmades, cold steel knives, etc.
  14. ace1o1

    ace1o1 Well-Known Member

    You mean like this? - http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/AMM464-5.html

    I dunno much about the grade of ammunition or anything, but something.
    Speaking of blades...They really are easy to acquire. I have a few. Or 20. I need some more though. My machete/sword thing is nice, but I want an actual broadsword.
  15. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    I would get them online, but man, that shipping makes it not worth it. Also, I'm finding that the difference in price between Blazer Brass and Blazer Aluminum is $1-$2. For 50 rounds, that's only a $0.02-$0.04 difference per round. I might as well just stick with Blazer Brass since I can actually find it locally. I can't seem to find the aluminum ones...
  16. Alias1983

    Alias1983 Well-Known Member

    I like nutnfancy on yt. and I would get into hand loading at this point.
  17. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    Yep. I've already started pricing out reloading equipment and supplies. Even then, 9mm isn't really viable as a cheap round to mass produce compared to retail pricing. If I can reload these for $8 per 50 rounds, how is that viable compared to $10 for a box of 50 (steel case though) at the store?

    Nutn and theHossUSMC are probably the top two most informative youtube users on the subject.
  18. Alias1983

    Alias1983 Well-Known Member

    cause steel case sucks, its not very accurate, it makes your gun dirtier, and goog luck getting a box of any thing for 10$ a box anywhere now.
  19. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    That's if you can actually find a box to buy...
  20. Alias1983

    Alias1983 Well-Known Member

    Even the odd size ammo is gone, you seen nuts videos recently? its like that even here and my town is not even half the size of that. its redonkulious.

    Now to get back on track I am really looking into a S&W 15-22, for muscle memory and .22 ammo is stupid cheap.