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Finally a different NBA team other than The Warriors won the NBA FINALS!! Congrats to The Raptors!!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by g.abree, Jun 18, 2019.


Can The Raptors (NBA) win the 2019/20 NBA Finals again?

  1. Yes!!

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  2. No!!

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  3. Who cares...

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  1. g.abree

    g.abree Member since 2010

    I'm well pleased for Canadians, Torontorians, Raptorians and NBA fans alike who celebrate The Raptor's win against the almight Golden State Warriors. Do you think they can do it again next season 2019/20?
  2. morningstar24

    morningstar24 Member

    Hey, I think they can do it not only in the 2019/20 season, but every year.
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