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Favourite sport

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Adam@Adam, May 23, 2010.

  1. viccie211

    viccie211 Well-Known Member

  2. batty boy

    batty boy New Member

    i like handball

    DWNHLLR New Member

    I'm into Downhill mountainbiking...... I'm 31 and just got back into it for a state season last year in Australia and I now have to race in the expert class this year. Now to do more training and make it to elite.

    It's a bit hard with having 2 young kids to look after aswell.
  4. ryuujinjakka93

    ryuujinjakka93 New Member

    soccer is my favorite
  5. Ultimatefuffin

    Ultimatefuffin Active Member

    Basketball for me. Although I enjoy many others. Curling's pretty close.(it's a real sport!) Broomball's fun too. And soccer.
  6. silverwolfTF

    silverwolfTF New Member

    i like the endurance of airsoft but i also like karate
  7. Don9aldo

    Don9aldo Well-Known Member

  8. doughboy

    doughboy Guest

    im a two time champion...
    apart from that...
    i work out at home mostly, so i'm in pretty good shape...
  9. will1008

    will1008 Well-Known Member

  10. doggy-dj

    doggy-dj Guest

    At the moment- Netball
  11. NYman

    NYman Well-Known Member

  12. garychencool

    garychencool Well-Known Member

    Video games!!!
  13. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    to watch, cricket and formula 1. I dont play any sport. I was fairly good at long distance swimming until I was forced to give up for medical reasons.
  14. fastarfunding

    fastarfunding New Member

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  15. someirishkid

    someirishkid Well-Known Member

    i love watching the WRC, very exciting stuff! plus i love cars :p
  16. NYman

    NYman Well-Known Member

  17. yassine1

    yassine1 Well-Known Member

    I love playing football, and watching Volleyball, Handball, and Tennis.
    Of course who doesn't love swimming! 8)

  18. I prefer sports which takes place in Indoors like chess and basketball swimming
  19. yeyeyo

    yeyeyo Member

    i lyk dat b ball cuz dat jon pop!!!
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    i lyk dat b ball cuz dat jon pop!!!
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    i lyk dat b ball cuz dat jon pop!!!
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    i lyk dat b ball cuz dat jon pop!!!
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    my bad quadruple post
  20. Renesha

    Renesha Guest

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.
    You are amazing! xD