Fav Akatsuki Ninja

Discussion in 'Naruto discussion' started by Ichigo Tenshou, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Ichigo Tenshou

    Ichigo Tenshou Well-Known Member

    My fav akatsuki ninja is Kisame

  2. khaislash

    khaislash Well-Known Member

    Madara Uchiha!

  3. Ichigo Tenshou

    Ichigo Tenshou Well-Known Member

    Umm thats not madara hes older than jiraya it was in manga that someone told me and madara is tobi he taught itachi.
    so what you on about
  4. ClydeOne

    ClydeOne Well-Known Member

    Sasori of the Red Sands. ;D
  5. kingofgamemasters777

    kingofgamemasters777 Well-Known Member

    itachi, no pic
  6. jc_106

    jc_106 Well-Known Member


  7. hahahahaha

    hahahahaha Well-Known Member

    Deidera!!!,art is a blast!

  8. Josh241294

    Josh241294 Well-Known Member

    Since no one said it...I guess i'll have to...FIRE MAH LAZOR!!! Nah, joking. I like Itachi.
  9. Ichigo Tenshou

    Ichigo Tenshou Well-Known Member

    Nice One lol
  10. kryz

    kryz Well-Known Member

    thats not madara i think... XD why did you encircle her?

    i would have to say its rin... the akatsuki's "muse"

    damn she's hot!!!


    or better yet... why not all of them!!!


  11. Ichigo Tenshou

    Ichigo Tenshou Well-Known Member

    Nice one lol
  12. DamnPyro

    DamnPyro Member

    My fav Akatsuki member is the Nº 1 artist of instanct art...
    The amazing Deidara-sama...
  13. kingofgamemasters777

    kingofgamemasters777 Well-Known Member

  14. rawkstar400

    rawkstar400 New Member

  15. yudhis

    yudhis Active Member

    SASORI of course
  16. fuselight

    fuselight Well-Known Member

    Tobi/Madara Uchiha....
  17. dmac154

    dmac154 Well-Known Member

    Hidan and Kakuzu
  18. Qizm

    Qizm Active Member

    Sasori, obviously.
    c'mon. the guy's a puppet. controlling puppets.
  19. Renji217

    Renji217 Well-Known Member


    Hidan because he reminds me of the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  20. Wintrale

    Wintrale Well-Known Member

    Torn between Deidara, Kisame and Nagato...