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    Hello everybody. I am brand new to the site. I just came by to pick up some Wii games. I'm downloading Mario Kart right now. I can't wait to play it!

    I am kinda new to the Wii. A buddy of mine gave me his about a year ago, and I didn't even touch the thing until I found out all the glorious things that can be done with the console. After about an hour of tinkering and watching YouTube videos (one particular video directed me to this site) I am set up and ready to play a ton of Wii games that I missed out on. It's nonstop from here on out!

    I've been playing games for a long, long time. My favorite console FOREVER is the Nintendo NES. I still have my original system and about 50 of my favorite game cartridges. I still play the hell out of the system, it is always in the rotation. It's a 30 year old system and is much more reliable than modern consoles. How amazing! I also enjoy SNES and SEGA Genesis.

    I have an XBOX ONE, and I'm trying to sell it currently. Microsoft is coming out with a newer, more powerful version of the system, which will severely devalue my limited edition Forza 6 console. This infuriates me to a level I don't think anyone could possibly imagine. I think Sony is doing the same thing. Modern consoles are a total sham. Do not spend your money on them. If you want to play modern AAA games, buy a PC. That is what I will do eventually. I really want to play the new DOOM, but I will wait until I build my own gaming rig to do so.

    This has dragged on for a bit. I suppose I will just stop right here.
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    Welcome! Enjoy your Wii gaming spree. :)


    Hey, thank you!
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    Welcome this here Is a great site cheers


    For sure! I can tell. Thank you!
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    hi @DREAMATRON have a great stay here at RomU ,and enjoy a lot games :D
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    Here come dat boi.

    O shit waddup!
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    Heeeeeelllllllooooooo!!! :D


    Hey everybody! Thanks!