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Debates Section Rules - UPDATED!

Discussion in 'Debates' started by Almo, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Almo

    Almo Well-Known Member

    Firstly welcome to the Debates section :)

    Here are a few quick rules to keep everything on track.

    Posting a topic:

    - Think before you post. If your topic is a genuine debate which requires a great deal of information and thought then it probably belongs here.
    - Please don't post threads such as 'OMGZ MARIOZ VS. S0NIKX!!' These belong in the Games, Jokes & Random section.
    - Try not to post anything too controversial that is likely to seriously offend anyone. However as we know there are two sides to every debate which gives people a chance to argue their point so this rule is a little looser than the others.
    - If your starting post is less than 100 words then don't bother making a debate. A debate requires a starting argument not just a "x vs y. Discuss". Do a well thought-out post that people can respond to instead of putting the effort of actually making it a debate on everyone else.


    - Debates are mostly based on well sourced information, however personal opinion will always work its way in, its almost impossible to remove the bias from most debates. For this reason it is important to debate against a persons information first and then address the opinion. Do not attack the person directly, debates are not flame wars.
    - Research your topic well before posting so that you have information and fact to back up your argument, without this your opinion is just that, an opinion.
    - Keep an open mind and be willing to accept any information given to you. Debates are a good chance to get your facts straight from people in the know. Our minds are constantly learning and gathering new information, so be open to taking it.
    - Try not to be offended at anything too controversial for example 'Is god real?'. Provide adequate information but do not preach to other members. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs.
    - Opinions are acceptable, providing they are stated as such, i.e 'In my opinion...', 'My opinion is that...' or similar.

    That said and done learn and grow from this section and most of all enjoy sharing your information and what you know :)

Thread Status:
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