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Claymore Manga

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by kaiden, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. kaiden

    kaiden Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else reading this?

    Im currently finished with V13 and was wondering where to get more information on the scanlation since pretty much all i get from google is torrents and months old topics.
  2. IceFiend

    IceFiend Active Member

    Honestly there's not much you can do. Sigh10 doesn't have a website. And the others are dead slow.
    You can find raws pretty easily(too bad I can't read Japanese).

    Have you read the E.S. side story?
    If not I'll upload them for you^^

    Claymore is a monthly release and chapter 74 just came out on Nov 2. So there probably won't be a translation until next week.
  3. kaiden

    kaiden Well-Known Member

    ch74 awesome!

    yeah i've read ES 1 + 2 - they were nice.
    getting annoyed since i really want to continue on with the story - hated how the producer of the anime messed up the storyline and now im unsure as to if there will be a second season :/
  4. uruz7

    uruz7 Guest

    i love claymore too but i'm still on volume 10