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  1. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    I present to you Cemu. World's first Wii U emulator capable of running and rendering commercial games!

    Quick facts:

    Can run encrypted Wii U images (WUD) and RPX/RPL files
    Internal resolution is 1920x1080 (if supported by game)
    For controller input see here => https://github.com/Exzap/Cemu
    Contains basically no optimizations. Expect slow framerates and long load times.
    Windows 7 or above (x64) (other platforms may be supported later)
    Requires OpenGL 3.3
    Tested on NVIDIA: Runs fine on most recent driver
    Tested on Intel: Garbled output but runs if OpenGL version is supported
    Untested on AMD

    Download it here!


    I hope this emulator will works on many commercial games sooner! :)

    There another one called WiiU-Emu are here, but requires Windows 10, 64 bit, Direct X 12 and VS Runtimes 2015.....


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    Someone made video for Wii U here!

  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    should work fine on AMD, AMD supports openGL. Intel will be dodgy because they often say they support OpenGL version X when they don't completely support it.
  3. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    In the video take a look at the amount of ram used it stays at around 5500MBs and is that for real?
  4. Devon

    Devon Well-Known Member

    10 fps, impressive.
  5. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Looking information about AMD.... Checking on GBATemp website will result.... AMD have a some problem with Cemu emulator. So, never worked.... :(
  6. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    The_Avengers_Battle_for_Earth_PAL_WiiU-VENOM - crashes instantly.
    Super.Mario.3D.World.USA.WiiU-PoWeRUp - black screen, then crashes.
    AMD FX-8350
    16GB DDR3
    NVIDIA GTX 760
  7. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

  8. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    Erh my God, something happened!


    Running on a AMD FX-8350/NVIDIA GTX 760.
    Cemu 1.0.1
  9. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Cemu version 1.0.2 is now released! :)


    Look likes AMD GPU was still now fixed! I hope will fixed soon! :)
  10. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Cemu version 1.1.0 is out now! :D

    AMD graphics is not working again..... :(
    Better I waiting for future release.
  11. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    1.1.2b has been released. (they release a new version every 2 weeks. )

    Fixed rendering issues on AMD graphic cards:D

    v1.1.2b | 2015-12-13
    Fixed rendering issues on AMD graphic cards
    Minor changes and bug fixes

    v1.1.2 | 2015-12-11
    Added controller options
    Added support for OSCoroutine API
    Improved shader emulation
    Improved texture/depth/color buffer management
    Improved CPU timing and thread synchronization
    Synchronous file operations no longer block CPU execution (reduces frame stutter)

    This emulator is really promising considering it's pace of development.
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  12. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Version 1.20 is out now for special CHRISTMAS presents! :D

    Enjoy the games with SOUND included! Thanks Santa Exzap!
  13. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    Not bad, it's progressing pretty quickly it seems.
  14. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Version 1.3.0 is now released! :)

  15. Thenewhalflife

    Thenewhalflife New Member

    where do i download roms?
  16. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    bittorrent is most likely your best bet.
  17. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Version 1.3.1 was released!

    Enjoy the games with FULL SCREEN support! :)
  18. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Version 1.3.2 was released!

    Download it here!


    For this release I compiled a second version of Cemu (r1) which is feature-wise identical but does some of the OpenGL stuff differently. There is a chance this 1) fixes the memory leak 2) runs faster on some systems. I would appreciate it if people could test both versions and tell me if there are any differences in performance and if the memory leak still appears in both versions. When doing a performance comparison make sure that all logging is deactivated and that CPU mode is set to single-core mode. Don't forget to mention your PC specs (CPU and GPU). Download r1 here.
  19. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Version 1.3.3 was released!

    cemu 1.3.3 public release is out!
  20. M.AzaryPika3172

    M.AzaryPika3172 Well-Known Member

    Cemu version 1.4.0c is out! Change log!

    Download it at cemu website!