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Bleach Vs Naruto ? Which is better?

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by majinwayne, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. majinwayne

    majinwayne Member

    Bleach has more action than naruto and more ppl loose limbs and stuff but bleach also has fillers and they suck,As far as i know naruto doesnt so i want to see what other ppl think or if anyone can sway me back into liking bleach. :eek:
  2. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    Well you could stop watching Main Stream and actually watch something good for once in your life.
  3. majinwayne

    majinwayne Member

    :p okay , any suggestions?
  4. -Jad

    -Jad Member

    Naruto is better, the bad thing about bleach is that the main badguy is mega strong, where as naruto the bad guy is able to get beaten, unlike aizen or whatever his name was. But bleach is more funny :)
  5. Dess

    Dess Member

    It seems like you guys are missing a rather major point, the character development and story progression in bleach is near non-existent, also it has trouble keeping with it's own canon.

    I have been reading bleach since before the soul society arc, only Cthulhu knows why I keep reading it every week.

    Point one no chaarcter development: It is chapter 398 and the character development for the central characters leaves them feeling like cardboard cutouts of people. At first glance they seem decent but on a second look they are flat and lifeless. Ichigo just comes across as a worthless punk who's powers grow every other episode. There have been so many chances to grow him as a character but the author decided to add more speed lines instead of dialogue. In fact even after so many chapters I have yet to feel attached to any of the main cast and actively hope Ichigo dies every fight he enters. It is pretty bad when the main character is unlikable on top of looking like how someone would describe Goku if they only watched every tenth episode of DBZ (which totally had more of a story then bleach).

    Point two lack of a story: Like previously mentioned bleach is on chapter 398 and they have had approximately approximately 4-5 arcs.
    Ichigo gets his powers and fights for a bit, Rukia gets kidnapped and he trains and goes to soul society, he gets back and bums around a bit before his other female friend gets kidnapped and he has to travel to hollow land to get her back, of course not before he trains some more. Then there is turn back the pendulum, and hollow land kind of segways into beat up aizen arc (really not distinct enough to be counted as an arc in my opinion but I included it anyways). This isn't even the worst part, 90% of each chapter are pictures of speedlines and characters looking mad or surprised. The author doesn't even bother to add text to these panels, or even backgrounds(totally doesn't fit here but it is true)...Also another gripe I have about the story is that it is pretty much power rangers. No one of any importance ever dies. For convenience I'll use the latest arc as an example.

    Bleach: Five outlandish gimmicky bad guys show up and start wrecking buildings and other crap. Ichigo- "Oh noes the town is in trouble time to stop them". Fights and fights and fights, isn't strong enough, trains and trains and trains. Goes to hollow land, fights generic guys of no importance, boss, more generic guys, another boss or two. Comes close to dying, reaches inside and finds additional power and beats up boss guy. Cut to other bad guy who laughs and calls the last guy defeated weak and sends someone else to be pummeled.

    Power rangers:eek:utlandish gimmicky bad guy knocks down some buildings. Zordon "Power rangers the earth is in trouble!", rangers transform and go to bad guy. Rangers fight generic putties, then go and fight boss characters. Rangers nearly defeated but combine their powers and form the megazord just in time to beat the bad guy. Cut to Rita cursing the rangers and promising to send another bad guy next week.

    Point three plot holes and general nonsensicalness: One would think that with what little story there is that the author could at least have a coherent story that made sense, hahaha, think again. First off there is soul society, it is where you go when you die. Well it would be where you go when you die if the members of soul society weren't lazy. Since they are pretty lazy there is a good chance that when someone dies they either wait around so long they turn into a hollow or are eaten by a hollow. Let's say that you are saved, well congratulations you now get to spend your ghost years floating around in poverty walled out of soul society city where all the fancy elitist shinigami live in relative luxury. All in all this is the most terrifying portrayal of the afterlife I have ever heard of. Yes even more terrifying then how Rastafarians go to Africa when they die. Moving on, you know who is in soul society? The badass kenpachi is in soul society, you know the guy who became a captain through his mad sword skills. Funny thing is that Kenpachi who has thousands of years of training with the sword was defeated by a boy who had picked up a sword for the first time a few months before. A boy whose idea of swordsmanship is wildly slashing people and running around them in circles. Speaking of Ichigo, isn't it great how he got a bankai, you know bankai which even the immensely strong noble families only produce someone who is capable of using it every few generations. Isn't it also swell how Renji and baldy whose name I don't care to recall are able to produce one as well at convenient points. You know the two guys who were able to beaten by Ichigo when he was at a relatively low level of power. Assuming Ichigo is a prodigy and is able to go from spiritual loseer to over nine thousand in the course of a week, there is no way in hell that baldy and Renji are. Man now that I am on gaining powers at convenient times I feel I should go back to the kind of this domain, Ichigo. Look at Ichigo go, just when you thought that an upper limit had been established for shinigami you get slapped in the face with a hollow mask. Ichigo's mask levels up at times when the author seemingly gets tired with the bad guy of the week he created and wants to finish the fight. It gets so bad that it even for all intents and purposes raises him from the dead. I think the translators got "hollow" and "deus ex machina" mixed up. Another great bit is that if you are female and one of Ichigo's friends then your sole purpose in the story is to act as a damsel in distress. It doesn't matter if you can manipulate the fabric of time or have centuries of fighting experience (Rukia is totally old enough to be Ichigo's grandmother", you will be kidnapped and you will be stuck in a tower whether you like it or not.

    Also Crashman, at first I was going to give you a 0/10 for your trolling efforts then I remembered where we are, 08/10.
  6. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    Go Bleach :D
  7. khairaj08

    khairaj08 Well-Known Member

    I think there are also many bad points in Naruto.

    1.The main character is a hyper-active ninja, who may also have ADHD. He seems to have many emotional issues for a teenager and also has a demon inside him which, conveniently, gives him much more chakra then a normal ninja. Then there is Sasuke ,a teenager who also has many emotional issues and who seems to want revenge for the whole series. There is also Sakura a girl who is far to young to be in love with anybody. Along with these characters there are also about 9 other ninja to keep up with. This is made obvious when you and see that any other of naruto's ninja friends are lucky to even get a speaking role let alone be in a fight.

    2. The plot is also very annoying. Firstly, the series for some strange reasonis split into naruto and naruto shippuden. Lets look at Naruto part 1 first. Naruto is a ninja who had the nine-tailed fox sealed inside him by his father. What kind of father seals a demon into their son? He is lonely at the ninja academy and everyone likes to stay away from him. But when he FINALLY graduates he becomes a genin and is put into a team with Sasuke ans Sakura with Kakashi as their captain. They go on missions and are finally entered into the chuunin exams. Here a demon, man, thing named orochimaru places a curse on Sasuke. as the third test gets going orochimaru decides he wants to invade the village. They stop him and everything is fine until Sasuke decides to leave and to go to orochimaru even though he knows he wants to use him. they carnt stop him and after a fierce battle with sasuke growing wings. He leaves to get revenge on his brother who killed his clan. Here is another stupid thing Sasuke seems to only want revenge and cannot think of anything else someone should take him to a phsyciatrist . The next 3/4 of the anime is filled with fillers and naruto finally decides to leave to train although i dont see how a pervert who writes porn can train him.

    3. three years later he comes back from training and their is a new threat, the akutski. It isnt very interesting until they finally meet deidara and sasori, 2 akutski members. Sakura, who is a teenager, somehow defeats sasori, a man with puppets who has killed many, many people including the kazekage.The rest of the series includes a akustki member, who are very powererful, being killed every few episodes by teen ninjas. It also includes Naruto finally tracking down sasuke along with Sakura and Sai who seems to be obsessed with the word 'penis'. But to keep the story going longer they decided to not let naruto take him back. Sasuke finally tracks down Itachi and kills him but after about 300 episodes it turns out it wasnt his fault. After dragging the story on even more Sasuke creates a team and suddenly cares about other people and saving them. Now with only about 3 akatski members left and their leader about to be killed it seems it will end soon but im sure the creators will find a way of dragging the story on.

    4. There are way to many baddies characters dying. Deidara, Sasori and Orochimaru are just some. It also seems that Naruto's friends must have superpowers to be able to defeat nearly every akatski member and still be alive. As i said before it is very lucky to see one of the other nine characters speaking.

    Well I hope this makes you see just some of the many problems with Naruto.
  8. Dess

    Dess Member

    Yay, a post to respond to !

    Naruto is what around the age of 10-12 years old when the series starts. It is perfectly natural for a kid that age to be hyper and bouncing around like that. As for him being emotionally troubled, that really isn't the case. He had a sucky past sure, but he dealt with it extremely well so it doesn't mess with his day to day living as emotional problems would. He does carry the perceived burden of taking care of reuniting his team or taking care of sasuke by himself. That really isn't a problem and earns him man points there for taking care of a friend who has fallen off the path. Geez Sakura having a crush on Sasuke, is again a perfectly normal thing. Schoolgirls be crushing, it's what they do. Sasuke does have sever emotional problems, I'll give you that, but they are well explained so you can't dock the story points for it. First off is his inferiority complex which was fueled by his parents paying the majority of their attention to his prodigy brother. Then before that get resolved in a normal manner, his brother who he idolized and believed could do no wrong annihilates his family and kin. Then he lives in this culture where the aspirations of all boys and girls is to become a state mandated killing machine and they receive training in this from an early age. So issues contributing to his emotional state, inferiority complex, unresolved issues with parents and bro, had his childhood stolen, was exposed to scarring events, and is a killing machine with something to prove. Really that last point about the other characters doesn't make much sense. They have been well fleshed out with backstory and whatnot along with them frequently engaging in conversations. I don't know if you actually pay attention or not, but other characters from konoha besides naruto are often engaged in fighting.

    Yes, Naruto is split between his more childlike years and the years where he has been forced to grow up. If I were to guess at a reason for this, I would say it is because the author wanted to progress the story to a certain point so he could do things without it growing old and stale.

    I'd say the kind that is responsible for an entire people group and decides to take the burden into his own family instead of casting it on someone elses. Besides it's not like this an unusual method for dealing with the tailed beasts.

    First off how does his loneliness and people not liking him even lead into him being on a team. It is made extremely clear that being put on a team to further their learning is standard there.

    That is kind of abridging it, but yes that does happen.

    Reaaally weren't paying attention here were you ?

    This is simplifying things a little too much isn't it. It is more like Sand and Sound had been being manipulated by Orichimaru to break the cease-fire between the ninja countries and attack Konoha during the Chuunin exams when they wouldn't be expecting it. All so Orichimaru could gain revenge for being kicked out. Sasuke joined Orichimaru to gain power at any cost, you know that whole revenge thing you are fond of pointing out. He was manipulating Orichi just as much as he himself was being manipulated, it was a two way street.

    You left out the part where the supporting cast gets a major battle arc. He leaves to train under orichimaru, professor of forbidden jutsu. We have already been over this, sasuke has childhood trauma and grew up in a society where bathing in the blood of your enemies was acceptable, of course he is out for his brother's head. Not only will he gain revenge, but he will finally prove that he is better then his brother to his dead parents. With the way sasuke was written it would be weird if he wasn't so desperate for revenge.

    Oooooh, there is your problem, you only watched the anime. You see the manga ends only an arc or so after the sasuke retrieval arc. No having to deal with the rather ridiculous filler.

    Really boy, do you pay any attention at all to the story? Sakura nor her forehead were the driving factor behind Sasori's defeat, the old woman was. Old woman (OW from here on out), had taught Sasori everything he knew about puppets and was in fact manipulating Sakura that whole time as if she was a puppet, improving her combat potential roughly potential.

    I think you mean that on occurrence an akutsuki member or two will fight a rather drawn out battle against a relatively large group of ninja which has a teen or two on it. They don't even die all that frequently.

    You kind of missed the point of that fight from a discerning viewers point of view. It wasn't a "We are going to have two main characters fight then skip out on having a fulfilling ending" it was more like "Man let's show that Sasuke is badass now and is stronger then naruto to give naruto a reason to get more serious and so we can have some chara.cter development"

    Let me rewrite that for you.
    Being the manipulative jerk he is, Sasuke recruits various people around his own age that he had found about through orichimaru's files after killing him. Sasuke doesn't actually care about his new teammates but sees them as a means to an end. Sasuke finally tracks down Itachi and mortally wounds Itachi, but soon learns that the Uchiha clan had been plotting a rebellion and Itachi being loyal member of the Anbu agreed to wipe out his family, and to preserve unity agreed to leave the village and take the rap for genocide. Sasuke having lived on rage and revenge for so long now finds he can't live without it so he sets his sights on Konoha.

    See now wasn't that much more accurate.

    Not surprised by now, but you really haven't been paying attention if you think a satisfactory ending can come about in a short time......

    Waaaaait, what's this??? An author who actually kills off the villains permanently in a shonen jump manga , this can't be!
    Really what kind of soft ninja story are you expecting if ninja who are bred from birth to be soldiers and killers leave their enemies alive.

    First of rarely do any of Naruto's peers even damage an akatsuki member to any noticeable degree. Second his friends are pretty underpowered considering the level range of the enemies they are fighting. For normal ninja they are pretty average, but for the s rank kage level enemies being fought they are really underpowred. Only a few of the top tier elder ninja are even able to barely keep pace with them. So calling his friends superpowered is a bit silly.

    Despite your horrible comprehension of Naruto, I must thank you for writing your post. It has shown me why bleach prospers, it is obviously for those like you who have survived fetal alcohol syndrome (You have come far to be able to post in your mostly coherent method on the internet), its action, light story, and never killing someone is perfect for people like you who lack the comprehension skills to grasp anything other then the barest threads of a plot.

    To help you with your struggle, might I, if I am not being too forward. Suggest you trying reading any number of the fine books at your local library. I guarantee that within 2-6 months of decent reading your comprehension skills will increase one hundred fold.
  9. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    My god, Long enough explanation? I mean really, its Naruto and Bleach, neither one is that great really.
  10. khairaj08

    khairaj08 Well-Known Member

    Im only 13!! Cut me some slack! Ive read loads of books and I have never drunk any alcohol! But, Im glad my post entertained you so much that you took the time to take it apart and correct every single thing i wrote.

    'Ichigo gets his powers and fights for a bit, Rukia gets kidnapped and he trains and goes to soul society'

    I think you left out the when Ichigo meets many of the characters such as when Ichigo saves orihime, when chad, rukia and Ichigo defeat a hollow and when he has a contest with Ishida. Also you missed how chad and orihime realise their powers, probably because most of what you wrote centers around Ichigo. There is more to the plot but you're just simplifying it to make it look bad.
  11. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    My Suggestion buddy, since your only 13, watch Bleach online. Watch the Subs. Also I recommend you watch some classic anime, stuff that came before bleach.
  12. khairaj08

    khairaj08 Well-Known Member

    My suggestion for 'Dess' is that you get a life, I bet you're like 30 and your arguing about an anime! Whats next teletubbies?
  13. CrashmanX

    CrashmanX Well-Known Member

    Wow dude, your really one to talk.
  14. sylar1000

    sylar1000 Well-Known Member

    Bleach is better :D
  15. MessoMesso

    MessoMesso Well-Known Member

    I don't watch either. But the gay moments in Bleach alone are enough to win me over.
  16. meganova

    meganova Well-Known Member

  17. khairaj08

    khairaj08 Well-Known Member

    like what?
  18. ace1o1

    ace1o1 Well-Known Member

    Much agreed.

    They could rot in the lowest pits of the Underworld and I wouldn't miss them a single bit.

    As for a good anime I would suggest Eureka Seven, the Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Hell Girl.
  19. khairaj08

    khairaj08 Well-Known Member

    wow. You watch a lot of anime.
  20. juto hoong

    juto hoong New Member

    both i think........but i think tat naruto is type of stupid fellow,u know?now n there alwayssssss........... SASUKE....boring la....bleach i think te ichigo is type person hotblooded n no much brain capacity...juz think of it he always depend on his hollow power...conclusion they both cant stand a change to win GOKU...tat can destroy te earth in one shoot.....HAHA...