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Best Nintendo DS Games - Read First

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by mekusho, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. lkkroy

    lkkroy New Member

    can anybody tell me what the best digimon and yu-gi-oh games are????
  2. ravbawa

    ravbawa New Member

    Hey some websites are sharing NDS game serial numbers,they are trading.Can we do it?
  3. Alias1983

    Alias1983 Well-Known Member

    Whats that have to do with the best nds games?

    I need some new games to add to my list so what are the good sonic games?
  4. ALL sonic games are good
  5. Alias1983

    Alias1983 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but which ones would you suggest?
  6. jaypsp

    jaypsp New Member

    No doubt about it. Has to be the PROFESSOR LAYTON SERIES!
  7. Chevvy123

    Chevvy123 New Member

    Pokemon games are the most awesome games ever!!!
  8. captaindanny

    captaindanny New Member

    Pokemon White 2 , Call of Duty is good
  9. SZJerkXVIII

    SZJerkXVIII Member

    Well for the DS they'll have to be:

    -Dragon Quest Monster Joker (1 & 2)
    -Dragon Quest (great but monster is still better)
    -Pokemon series
    -SimCity (could be better though)
    -Geometry Wars Galaxies
    -Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    -Disgaea Is the must have DS game. A level cap of 9999 and stats starting at ~15 ending in the millions is just a small thing the game has. Plus a huge array of different classes each with their own tiers. Lastly EVERY item has it's own unique and random Item World, where you level up the item (goin from 30 to 100 floors).

    For the 3DS you only need:

    -Etrian Odyssey IV
    -Monster Hunter 3U (and the future 4)

    And you'll never leave you handheld again!!!

    Curse you Baal and Uber Prinny Baal. I Laharl had come out victorious in our battle and will take
    the title of Overlord of the NetherWorld and rule with might.
  10. narutoSS5

    narutoSS5 Member

    Kingdom hearts
    Dragonball Z
    Those games are good for me
  11. Solm

    Solm Member

    Kingdom Hearts
    Pokemon black
    The Sims 2