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Are furries comparable to paedophiles?

Discussion in 'Debates' started by Conrannex, Mar 5, 2011.


Are furries comparable to paedophiles?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  3. Not sure.

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  1. theunderling

    theunderling Well-Known Member

    Calvin,I bet all youve got left to try is "watersports" and "humping corpses".
  2. personuser

    personuser Well-Known Member

    Lemme say one thing about furries and pedos, from what I've seen.

    Pedos actually HARM kids in order to make and sell child porn.

    Furries just DRAW whatever it is they wanna see done so it doesn't really hurt anyone. I think this chart from ED sums up what furs do pretty well.


    So, no, it's nothing to compare.

    Unless the furries are such sick fucks that they force kids or others to dress up in fursuits with them and screw them or something like that, just let em exist and leave em be.

    I actually see SOME furries more comparable to SOME gays and lesbians, as instead of just sitting down and doing what they wanna do, they have to announce to the world, "Hey! I'm a Furry so I'm important! look at me!" or "Hey! I'm gay/lesbian so I'm important! Look at me!" It's not like I'm running aound and saying "Hey! I'm straight so I'm important! Look at me!" - I personally despise those types of individuals.
  3. Conrannex

    Conrannex Guest

    You'd be surprised at some of the things their fandom comes up with, about 60 percent of it is anthropormorphic, in fact. You should also read my posts again, these people are in denial about their sexual preferences and the ones willing to admit they like the sexual side are only willing to admit so much. I'm sorry but I have really not met one single person who's been a 'furry' for longer than 3 months without getting in to the porn side of it.

    With the "It's your choice for exposing yourself to their faggotry" argument, do you really think I'd expose myself to something I didn't even know existed? Furries are like raging homosexuals with their persecution-complexes and their feel to expose themselves to people.

    I know about this because I used to go to the twokinds IRC because I liked the webcomics. This was a good 2/3 years ago, mind.

    Holy shit, lol.

    Would you trust a furry with a pet?
    Would you trust a paedophile with a child?

    Just because furries aren't so dangerous to humans it doesn't mean they aren't a threat to something. I can't believe these people claim they care so much about animals but want to stick it in 'em when you're not looking.

    You're not really arguing against my point very well, are you? In fact, you're kind of proving it...

    I'm pretty sure bestiality is illegal, too. They're both very sick things and these people should be registered sex offenders.

    I'll let you call what I say is a fallacy when you somehow explain those pictures that were on your photobucket.

    Now, attempting to take what you say seriously:

    The majority of furries are sexual deviants, openly a lot might not admit it but an anonymous poll would surely yield better results, and even then, a lot of them will be lying. I'd say a good 95 percent of people who have been furries over 6 months are somewhat involved in at least the hentai side of it. I honestly doubt any of your friends or you would admit to watching a dog have 'sex' with a woman. The whole furry fandom has a myriad of people with autism and aspergers and even most of them know it's not socially acceptable to admit watching bestiality.

    Assuming that's a typo, you seem to be living in a fantasy world. Somebody accused me, little Peter, of bestiality! I was appalled and angry so I let out the power of the lion within me and kicked his head! We furries are great! Some furries can live and walk with the highest of predators! Some furries have the utmost trust of dangerous and hostile animals! A furry even got requested by an animal to help it give birth! Oh the joys of the furry fandom!
    Um... no. Do you even have any proof of these things happening? I asked people to take this debate seriously, not go in to tales of fiction...

    Hmm... Don't a lot of paedophiles love children, love working with children and even get jobs around children? Look at all these paedos getting caught who worked at daycares and stuff! A lot of paedos clam they wouldn't break a child's trust, either.

    Fantasists, attention whores and perverts.
    Oh and look: "I wanna get laid! Gender and species are unimportant!"
    You're not very good at arguing, are you? It's like you only see what you want to see, are you sure you're not furry?

    Hey, hey, try not to be homophobic but I do agree, these people are often attention whores.
  4. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Honestly, if you can't understand the definition of "child porn" just by looking at the phrase, you're either unable to read and define it or unwilling to define it. I'm going to go with the second one.

    Oh look. Rem, of all people, calling others an attention whore.
  5. Conrannex

    Conrannex Guest

    Try to stay on topic, you're drawing attention to yourself, you're not even contributing to the thread.
    I don't see how you have the audacity of calling someone an attention whore when your post is irrelevant and unneeded...
  6. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    and what pictures might those be?

    there were about 20 other people in the room who would attest to the fact that I almost hospitalised him, and would have done if they hadn't intervened. I have never lost my temper that badly at any other point in my life, and quite frankly hope I never do again.

    The guy who got invited into the tiger's enclosure is someone I know through my membership of an animal sanctuary that rescues abused animals and 'exotic pets'. he had been volunteering at the sanctuary for many years and that is how he developed such a trust with the animals there. Call it what you like, the fact remains that if he and his fellow volunteers had not had the trust of the mother tiger to the extent they did, the cub would have died and the mother could have as well. The wild population of tigers is in such a critical condition that extinction is almost a certainty and in that event it will be necessary to use the captive population to reintroduce them. The saving of those two lives has helped maintain the diversity of the gene pool, increasing the chances of a future reintroduced population surviving and breeding.

    You are a very bitter and prejudiced young man.
  7. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Posting =/= being an attention whore
    I was replying to Calvin's post (who apparently wants to be called a moron) and your post.

    Anyway, to be on topic (never mind the actual off topic posts) many furries would argue that furry =/= zoopheliac.
    So I would think to answer would be that furries are more comparable to loli/shota fans.
    Like was said, they're unable/unwilling to watch more "real" versions of their immoral fetishes.
    Zoopheliacs, on the other hand are comparable to pedophiles in that they both practice sick, immoral and illegal things.
  8. Conrannex

    Conrannex Guest

    You with a giant tiger plush in your underwear with a wet patch on your crotch.
    A picture of the young female tiger character from the lion king in an odd position.

    I don't believe it. It's gone from a tiger inviting a guy to watch it give birth and there was an issue so he had to intervene in to you pointing out common knowledge about tigers and then coming up with some story about some heroic animal sanctuary guy saving the lives of two tigers and saving the gene diversity to tigers!

    That's a sweet story and all but it's kind of irrelevant.

    However there's often a thin-line between the two extremes.
  9. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    if you can't tell the difference between pajamas and underwear you have issues. But then it's quite clear you have issues anyway.

    What doesn't constitute an 'odd' position for a plushie? they're inherently floppy and don't hold stiff positions like living beings do. Try seeing how stiff you are without a skeleton. I'm surprised I'm having to explain this to someone of your age.

    go back to school and come back when you understand the importance of genetic diversity in a species and how it is relevant to conservation.
  10. Conrannex

    Conrannex Guest

    Nice reading comprehension, bub.
    I didn't say the plush was in an odd position.
    Those must be some pretty thin PJs, wet-patch.

    Yes, yes, Loony, we get it, furries are heroes. You happy now? Or do you want to go further off topic?
  11. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    You're delusional then because there are no pictures of me with a lion king plushie on my photobucket. Would you like me to call the men in white coats to give you your meds?
  12. Tomoka

    Tomoka Well-Known Member

    There is no comparison. Anyone that loves and really cares for animals is considered a furry. There does NOT have to be anything sexual involved. Learn to do research before you make comparisons to shit that can't be compared.

  13. Reider

    Reider Modereider

    I can't really view this as an "appropriate" topic to discuss here for a variety of reasons.

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