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Anyone else like Warhammer?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by lilman, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. lilman

    lilman Member

    Anyone else on Romulation into Warhammer? Specifically 40k =D
  2. Kronat

    Kronat Well-Known Member

    Yea I like Warhammer 40.000 :D I don't got any models, but I got these games: Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War: The Dark Crusade & Warhammer 40.000: Squad Command :D
  3. NathanQ

    NathanQ Member

    I used to, about 2 years ago.
    Still play the Dawn of War games from time to time.

  4. Quizzlex4

    Quizzlex4 New Member

    Well, hello, i'm also DoW fansm i like using Tau Empire, They're cool!
  5. Rysio

    Rysio Well-Known Member

    I only played Pc games, but yes, Tau Empire rocks ::)
  6. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member


    I love 40K, just finished packing away my painting gear and Necron Lord IRL. Pics will be forthcoming shortly. I also play a lot of DoW: Dark Crusade, specifically the Firestorm over Kronus mod.

    EDIT: My phone takes horrible pictures. Proper quality photos will be uploaded later.
    My Necron Lord and a Necron Warrior. I have about 40 or so Warriors.
  7. someirishkid

    someirishkid Well-Known Member

    I don't like the models because i'm a shit painter and they are pretty expensive o_O
  8. Groohaze

    Groohaze Member

    The need to make a Wow for 40k

    NNIICCKKOO New Member

    that would be cool but they already have 1 of those, its warhammer age of reconing.
  10. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    Incorrect. Age of Reckoning is based on Warhammer Fantasy Battles (the more classic, medieval incarnation). Warhammer 40K is the one set in the far future.
  11. Rysio

    Rysio Well-Known Member

    Me wants this ::)
  12. equitypetey

    equitypetey Well-Known Member

    i used to collect warhammer fantasy when i was younger then stopped until last year when i picked up 40k.

    i now have around 3000 points of eldar who iv'e played three 2000 point battles with so far losing the first time (as i had no idea of tactics) but won every time since and from now on should do all the time.

    and i have just finished collecting a 2000 point daemonhunter force including forgeworld doors on my tanks and both the GK dreds on forgeworld.

    i'm pretty good at conversion and all my models with weapon options are magnetized.

    here is a justicar that i converted to have lighting claws
    normally looks like this [​IMG]

    mine looks like this
    that's not painted, it's a base coat before i started the conversion.

    and i made a grey knight grand master
    starting the painting process.
  13. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    Respect for equity +1000 based on that Daemonhunters Grand Master. I'm digging the detail on the Nemesis Force weapon and the finish on the purity seals.
  14. equitypetey

    equitypetey Well-Known Member

    The purity seals took ages as I kept redoing it. Getting continuity of wind direction for the seals on the chest, weapon and cape was a bitch of a task not to mention the ornate shin guards made by bending pinning wire to shape.

    I'm also half way through scrach building a castible 40k scale warhound Titan and starting to prep for a thunderhawk gunship build.

    When I Finnish the painting I'll post some pics
  15. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    I'm no longer satisfied with my Tomb Spyder conversion/mini-diorama because of this; Titans are sweet. I'll probably look into a resin Warhound once I get started on my Angry Marines army.
  16. equitypetey

    equitypetey Well-Known Member

    angry marines?
  17. melfice666

    melfice666 Well-Known Member

    Id like to play but in Finland those are SOOO expensive
  18. equitypetey

    equitypetey Well-Known Member

    well they are expensive everywhere but you can get them cheaper at www.waylandgames.co.uk it's amazing site with a massive price drop and they ship everywhere. i told one of my friends that live in Belgium about it and he orders from there too now.
  19. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    Fanmade Space Marine chapter. They're angry. All the time.

    On another note, I'm converting a spare Necron into HK-47, for a few laughs.
  20. trimbletown

    trimbletown Well-Known Member

    I only play DOW