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Any great RPG recommendations?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Marlayna, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Marlayna

    Marlayna Active Member

    I love RPGs and looking for any and all good suggestions as to new ones to download. I like a wide variety of games. I love Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Okamiden. I recently fell in love with Soma Bringer and Avalon Code. I also like old school games like Mario and Donkey Kong from time to time. I've played quite a few RPGs and have been browsing through homebrew games looking for something new too. I found a bunch of Pokemon that I like. I just want a few suggestions to round out what I've already played. Something epic, but with enough differences to make it interesting would be nice. Hoping to hear lots of good ones. Thanks.
  2. esnym

    esnym Member

    I have reccomendations for ds for you, but there's a good chance you already played them. :) Some of my favorites:

    Chrono Trigger
    Any of the Dragon Quest games - especially IX
    Golden Sun - Dark dawn
    The World Ends With You
    Although not strictly "RPG", you should try the Ace Attorney series, and most of all, Ghost Trick. Both amazing, but quite puzzle oriented.

    If you want PC reccomendations, I have one title for you. The Witcher 2: assassins of kings.

  3. kidknowledge

    kidknowledge Member

    Re: Any great RPG recommendations?

    I can recommend my best 12 rpg roms in GBA for you.
    below are the listed rpgs in descending order.
    1.Summon night-swordcraft story 1 and 2(3 is there but not in english).
    2.lufia-ruins of lore(has good graphics during battle).
    3.dragon ball z-legacy of goku 1,2and3.
    4.golden sun 1 or golden sun lost age(2 which is different)perfect graphics.
    5.breath of fire 1 and 2.
    6.medabot-metabee or kugwata version.
    7.lunar legend.
    8.megaman battle network 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.
    9.robopon-cross or ring version.
    10.dragon warrior monsters-master of caravan.
    11.fire emblem.
    12.final fantasy 1 and 2.
    I am 60% sure that you have encountered or played some of these recommended roms before.
    But i hope this information proves useful to you.Remember they are GBA roms.
  4. thricee

    thricee Well-Known Member

    Since you are a premium member i d suggest you download every single game of gba/nds and grab the latest emulators

    When i first read your post i was like wtf thats me?mindception kind of.

    if you want console style rpgs i d suggest you go grab the ps2 emulator i ve posted on the sony forum with the bios.if links are down feel free to pm me to sent you fresh new ones. there are AWSOME rpgs for playstation 2 i am currently playing AGAIN the .dot hack series. You gonna love them its like playing inside a mmorpg and you are sometimes loggin off to check emails and stuff but still you are playing the game :p also rogue galaxy radiata stories atelier iris. you can also try japanese to english translated roms for gba/nds/snes meh i ve got so many awsome games in mind i would just keep on going and going.if you want talk to me in private maybe i can think of some more games if you got the time to actually play :p too many awsome games to play too little time THATS ME Xd
  5. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    mario and luigi: super star saga
    mario and luigi: bowsers inside story
  6. Genya Arikado

    Genya Arikado Well-Known Member

    Secret of Mana
    Star Ocean
    Radiant Historia
  7. Marlayna

    Marlayna Active Member

    Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, I've already started downloading a few. Handheld games are my major favorite, not sure why. These do sound great. The Golden Sun games do have nice graphics and are awesome, I played the original two a lot back in the day ( I loved them ) I've not played Dark Dawn as much as I'd like to. Xenogears sounds promising too. Is it any relation to Xenosaga for playstation or ds? I've already played several of the suggested games, but as I always say if a game is worth playing through once go through it again, you might find something you missed. I love puzzle games too. Have played some of Professor Layton and found them enjoyable. I really liked the Dragon Ball Z anime growing up so I'd bet the games are awesome. All of Fire Emblem rocks too! Thanks for the awesome suggestions :D
  8. slapmeorelse

    slapmeorelse Well-Known Member

    Xenoblade, on the Wii
  9. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    It'd be nice if you listed the consoles that you have access to, otherwise I feel like we'll just keep recommending games for consoles you don't have...

    But from what I gather, it seems like you have mostly NDS or GBA stuff (as well as anything that is easily emulated).
  10. Marlayna

    Marlayna Active Member

    *Face palm* Yeah I could've listed them, I'm sorry...lol I've always been a fan of nds and gba. That's mainly what I play. I like other systems too, but I enjoy the take anywhere convenience of handheld gaming.
  11. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    Awesome NDS Rpgs :

    Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks

    Dragon Quest IX- Sentinals of the Starry sky.

    World ends with you.

    Suikoden Tierkeris
  12. version3

    version3 Is actually KappaMikey in the internet

    >ctrl+f "Zelda"
    >No Minish Cap, the best GBA Zelda game

    Step it up guys, jesus.
  13. insanecrazy07

    insanecrazy07 Well-Known Member

    I must be one of those few that didn't like Minish Cap...
    The Oracle games were better...
  14. Marlayna

    Marlayna Active Member

    I love the Zelda GBC-GBA games. I already have those and love to play them. :D
  15. kyogreblue

    kyogreblue Well-Known Member

    How could you all forget Luminous Arc series for ds ??!!! xD oh and theres the Tales series namely Tales of Innocence for the ds theres a full translated patch, Tales of Phantasia for gba of course Suikoden Tierkreis for the ds as posted above BY FAR one of the best rpgs i must say, Disgaea and Children of Mana oooh and make sure and start the Golden Sun series real awesome rpg >=D
  16. manny132

    manny132 Member

    dragon warrior 7 amazing job system
    the legend of the dragoon quite fun =]
  17. Genya Arikado

    Genya Arikado Well-Known Member

  18. version3

    version3 Is actually KappaMikey in the internet

    >People bumping this thread.

    Also, I notice a lack of Super Mario RPG in here. For shame.
  19. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho Well-Known Member

    Terranigma for the super nintendo
  20. spire208

    spire208 Well-Known Member

    Well, let's see if I can mention any that haven't been said...
    Rune Factory 1, 2 and 3
    Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride (In my opinion, the best by far of the Dragon Quest series on DS)
    Phantasy Star Zero
    Custom Robo Arena
    Super Robot Taisen

    That's all I can think of that hasn't been said already but what kyorgeblue said is good, Luminous Arc, Tales of Innocence and Suikoden Tierkreis are all top notch RPG's on the DS.

    Edit: Oh and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is awesome too.