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Any figma fans/people that can work out fakes?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by mds64, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    Hi long time no see, very awkward asking about this but...

    I like to spend money on utter crap, but GENUINE crap, in particular the last 2 figmas I'll ever get because the others in the sets don't interest me.

    So, the one I'm eyeing off is tekkaman blade and tekkaman evil, as per link


    Seller rating is fine, products look good for figmas (I own a figma samus...still in box XD) but then I googled figma fakes and...

    tldr I can't tell if fakes without the products side by side, price isn't jaw dropping cheap and it IS from japan, but...I'm a pessimist :c

    If in wrong place I apologise as it has been a very long time since I've been here and wasn't sure where to ask, feel free to move mods if required.
  2. light_x_dark

    light_x_dark Well-Known Member

    You said it yourself: it's difficult to tell whether one is fake or not without comparing it with the genuine thing or getting your hands on the actual product. There's really nothing you can do besides questioning the seller and asking for more pics.

    I personally wouldn't buy collectibles on ebay precisely because of that fact. I'd recommend getting them from a different site.
  3. mds64

    mds64 Well-Known Member

    ...aww, cheers anyway.

    (Where can I buy these damn things new then, everywhere is sold out or pre-owned, if only I known about them much sooner :c)