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Anime Websites

Discussion in 'Anime, Manga & Cartoons' started by LadyCrystal, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. LadyCrystal

    LadyCrystal Active Member

    Looked around and didn't see any rules about this so I'm giving a good list of anime websites.

    Download lots of anime series via http~ No download speed cap!!

    Even more anime series you can download via http or better yet watch via stream~ NO DOWNLOAD CAP!

    So hope you all enjoy~
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    That would be because there aren't any :p

    We, the RomUlation staff, believe that too many rules stifle discussion, so we only introduce rules when we have to.

    Thanks for the list, I've stickied it :)
  3. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    Is it just me or does rules on a site which pirate games strike anyone as being odd?
  4. LadyCrystal

    LadyCrystal Active Member

    Dude I've seen sites like that.... One of my friends has a site like that.... o_O So it's a logical question!

    Oh hint on Crunchy Roll watch the .hack//gift episode~ It's funny! Kite finds out Tsukasa is a girl not a guy~
  5. bobdrakke

    bobdrakke Member

    yeah but its just appeasment to idsa/edsa, or enter any copyright org [here]

    As for anime I visit a site called Heartofmadness.com, they have completly subbed hnk1 Fist of the north star series on tv which stopped in Eng terrorities @ 30 something.

    So if you like 80s anime and exploding bodies check it out.

    They are working on Raoh Gaiden and Snk prequel to hnk, there always in need of translators so if your bi or multi lingual check it out as well.
  6. SonGoku1905

    SonGoku1905 Well-Known Member

  7. rukawa

    rukawa New Member

    that's a great site thx!
  8. Banksey

    Banksey New Member

    LadyCrystal...I bow to you for your contributions to the Ainme and Manga regions of the forums
  9. langes01x

    langes01x Member

    The site that I use the most has to be www.fansub.tv. This site has somewhat direct downloads and information on all of the newest anime series being subbed. It only deals with unlicensed anime but it is surely one of the best I have seen. No need to register unless you want to use the forums which many people do.


    Also I regularly check individual fansubber sites. Since bittorrent works so well now that I've got a port open I don't bother with direct downloads.
  10. clodus

    clodus New Member

    heres more for ya. on the spot free stream, no crap :)

  11. L

    L Active Member

    boxtorrents.com - great torrent site with a huge collection of animes//manga//ost//live action//henta
  12. Drake.exe

    Drake.exe New Member

    well here is some anime sites I got:

    Both sites are pretty much the same ecxept that animeupload is under construction(downloads work tho) and has a forum
    NOTE: both sites have most of their episodes in rm/rmvb format.
  13. RPGlover

    RPGlover New Member

  14. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

  15. quan4

    quan4 Active Member

    does veoh.com count? i heard from other that they have lots of anime episode.
  16. Commander

    Commander Member


    Also has a great anime listing. With links to several 100 different shows.
  17. macha88

    macha88 Member

    aww man, otaku-station.com got shut down :( D:
  18. Lacus90

    Lacus90 New Member

  19. lepermessiah

    lepermessiah Active Member


    both have multiple animes Bleach Exile doesn't just have bleach.

  20. eden2812

    eden2812 Well-Known Member


    For LoveCom <3