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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Loonylion, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    Today (20th of June) is a hugely important day for this site, and indeed the world in general, as our beloved lord Seph becomes another year older :p

    post your good wishes and jealous rants (it's not his fault that women are all over him) here :D
  2. Littlekill

    Littlekill Well-Known Member

  3. Suiseiseki

    Suiseiseki Well-Known Member

    Who's Seph?
  4. LuckyTrouble77

    LuckyTrouble77 Well-Known Member

    I think a "Seph" is some kind of genital wart.
  5. version3

    version3 Is actually KappaMikey in the internet

  6. athemoe

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  7. Soluri

    Soluri Well-Known Member

  8. necr0

    necr0 Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday Seph.
  9. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    Happy Birthday Seph :) :) :)
    have a good year on.
  10. Fylgja

    Fylgja High level Neet

    happy birthday to our great overlord Seph
  11. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    Aw guys, all your love is making me blush.
  12. iluvfupaburgers

    iluvfupaburgers Well-Known Member

    yay puppy b-day!
  13. megashell

    megashell Well-Known Member

    Hay my birthday is the 22nd

    Happy birthday! :D
    Overlord of this site since 1952 8)
    course it makes sense!
  14. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    Time to whip out all them bitches in his lord's harem again 8)
  15. lewis9191

    lewis9191 Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday sephy pie. What are you doing for it ?
  16. megashell

    megashell Well-Known Member

    To those that did not attended seph's party.

    It was a wild crazy birthday! loony hired like 9 strippers and seph drunk himself to the point where he started stripping for the strippers. the strippers payed him!

    The had no place to put the money- so he grabed a garter belt and straped it on, so he could collect those tips.

    Seph is the best striper in the world!!

    thank you for the entertaining night! :D
  17. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    I have pictures :)
  18. megashell

    megashell Well-Known Member

    You should post them XD
    may romulation forever prosper with the guiding hand of seph the stripper o_O (sounds inappropriate)
  19. athemoe

    athemoe Well-Known Member

    They're only for the selected few, sorry.
  20. Soluri

    Soluri Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting hun.