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A perfect President for the US

Discussion in 'Debates' started by avatar123, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    he would kill off a majority of the country if the weren't blonde hair blue eyes
  2. RandomRedMage

    RandomRedMage Well-Known Member

    Apparently you don't actually GRASP the concepts I was talking about. But fair enough, I am sure your just worried because you don't resemble the master race.
  3. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    very likely. *is black* not even closely
  4. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    Hitler brought Germany out of the great depression relatively quickly, and modern day leaders should learn from how he did it. He oversaw massive investment into Germany's transport infrastructure, building the autobahns and commissioning the VW beetle as an affordable car for normal every day people. Thanks in no small part to Hitler's initiatives during the early period of his leadership, Germany now has the largest and most developed major road network in the world. Plus, they have one of the lowest rates of road fatalities in Europe, if not the world, despite large sections of their autobahns having no speed limit at all.
  5. Conrannex

    Conrannex Guest

    This, Hitler was generally a hero, the jew lives that were sacrificed were more than worth it. Though part of me doubts the whole jew situation was what it was portrayed to be.
  6. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    i get that he was a good leader and charismatic at that but that one incident kept him from being famous and turned him infamous instead. he could've been remembered and beloved so much more by all if he hadn't struck off as "mentally insane"
  7. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    I don't believe he was insane at all. there was clearly something not right with him, but I don't think it was insanity. Insanity implies a lack of knowledge/responsibility for one's actions, and I don't think that applies to hitler, I'm fairly certain he knew what he was doing and was able to rationalise it, even if no-one else can
  8. RandomRedMage

    RandomRedMage Well-Known Member

    Hitler was far from insane. And if it were not for the genocide and the world war that he caused, he could arguably be the most important historical figure to learn from. All the good he did was completely overshadowed by the evil, and for the most part I'll assume not all of you are 12-14 years old ad have gone through a high school level history class, and in one of such classes gone over Nazi Germany. I'm curious as to what other schools taught, Mine glossed over Hitler as he was, and focused mostly on the concentration camps, and some of his speeches. Essentially trying to make him seem as evil as possible.
  9. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    Yes, if only he hadn't directly caused the senseless death of millions and probably the most deadly war in history.
  10. tehuber1337

    tehuber1337 Well-Known Member

    I'd love to jump on the hipster bandwagon, but there are more than a few screws loose. What Hitler did cost him his humanity, and at that point the labels "great" or "hero" can no longer apply. One can only call him a monster.
  11. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    My teacher knew that we all knew the general facts about the Holocaust so he flat out told us that hitler was a good leader if not great and 1 lapse in judgment caused his memory to be tottaly sullied

    my other teacher loves conspiracy theories and heard about the death of some random preist in south america who's funeral was attended by any/every ex-nazi who could make it. the thing is none of the nazis had a reason to even know that preist let alone go to his funeral. a good number think it was hitler in hiding after he escaped germany leaving a dead stand in for him and the nazis went to pay last respects to their leader. his name was father Chrispin (sp?) it at least sounded like that but i cant spell it
  12. Oteupaiecona

    Oteupaiecona Well-Known Member

  13. shadowhawk95

    shadowhawk95 Well-Known Member

    Hitler was a war genius actually.He was a solder in WW1 and saw how is country was being pushed.Sure he rose the economy and then he started WW2.I think of him as a crazy genius. :eek:
  14. darkrequiem

    darkrequiem Well-Known Member

    No, Hitler was not in fact a 'military genius'.
    He was overly controlling, and wished to command nearly every single unit. All final decisions were to be his, which is far too much multitasking to be efficient.
  15. 1991PokeGuy

    1991PokeGuy Member

    Please keep you country to yourself, because i dont want anything to do with that down syndrome.
  16. Oteupaiecona

    Oteupaiecona Well-Known Member

    I see sarcasm is lost on you.
    Besides, had you read past that post you would have seen my clarification.
  17. klaimore

    klaimore Well-Known Member

    Peter Griffin.
  18. gaynorvader

    gaynorvader Well-Known Member

    If you haven't read it, I'd recommend reading "Inside the Third Reich" by Albert Speer. It's an interesting insight into the leadership of the Nazis towards the end of WW2. Mostly from reading that book I would say Hitler was totally insane by the end of his life.
  19. Nitemare_ Plague

    Nitemare_ Plague Well-Known Member

    its possible he may have had a mental condition that crippled his mind by the end of his reign giving him a slight excuse for his earlier better decisions when it may not have been as bad as opposed to his later more questionable choices.
  20. xicyacex

    xicyacex Well-Known Member

    Jack Black.
    'Nuff said.