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Discussion in 'Emulation News' started by theromguy, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. theromguy

    theromguy Active Member

    So now a new console the nintendo switch has been released so 3ds is the old console now. has there been any emulators that can run at least pokemon x and y.
  2. Loonylion

    Loonylion Administrator Staff Member

    the fact that the 3ds has been superceded has absolutely no bearing on the state of the console's emulation.
  3. Neon32

    Neon32 Neo-Noir

    Yes some of the nightly/bleeding edge builds of the emulator Citra(citra-emu.org) have been able to emulate many 3ds games including pokemon x&y and super mario titles.
  4. theromguy

    theromguy Active Member

    so citra can fully run pokemon x and y?
  5. aurA_

    aurA_ Member

    It can run both Pokémon X & Y, but you may run into different graphical glitches and errors in your playing.
    Thus, I wouldn't say it can run the games "fully".
  6. NintyRaccoon

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    Just because a newer console is released doesn't mean that the "ex-new" system (3DS) will immediately have working emulators, sadly. We all have to give the emu-developers time.

    No. The following gameplay video of X from September 2016 shows that there are still issues with the emulation.

    And this video of X (I've only watched some parts of it) from January 2017 shows lags.

    Unless you don't mind playing games with lags and/or graphics glitches, I would recommend you to wait until the 3DS emulation is more stable and fully works. The past Nintendo-games are great too! ;)
  7. theromguy

    theromguy Active Member

    So can i donwload the pokemon x and y games from this romulation website, or is there a specific thing that i must do to get the games to work on citra.
  8. aurA_

    aurA_ Member

    The ROMs will need to be decrypted before you can play it on Citra.
    You can download such versions of the ROMs here.
  9. theromguy

    theromguy Active Member

    so i downloaded the most recent nightly build from citra, and the pokemon x decreptyted version from the link on this thread, yet when i open the file it is just a black screen and citra isnt running the game, any advice?