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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Winterreise, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Winterreise

    Winterreise Well-Known Member

    Please, people. Check the forum you're in before you post. Does your post fit the criteria of the forum? If you're posting about an NDS game in General Discussion, it definitely does not fit. That's what the Nintendo Discussion thread is for. I've gotten sick and tired of moving posts around, and the front page of General Discussion should not look like this. I've highlighted all the threads I've had to move.


    If you're new here, read [rules], and use the search tool to search for a similar thread before making a new one. Chances are, if you're posting with a problem about the site or a ROM problem, it's probably been answered before (In some cases, numerous times). We're all too happy to answer your question, but when we have to answer it a few hundred times it gets rather annoying :p

    So, make sure you're in the correct forum before posting, and that your post hasn't been made before.


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  2. Born2killx

    Born2killx Well-Known Member

    Seph says I can become a global mod when you say that. ;D

    Now seriously people, there is a description under each forum's name. Nintendo stuff goes to, that's right, THE NINTENDO FORUM.
  3. meminpanda

    meminpanda Well-Known Member

    so thats why it says moved xD
    good that i read before posting :D or you will be moving more stuff
  4. Cahos Rahne Veloza

    Cahos Rahne Veloza The Fart Awakens

    It's also very annoying that alot of people don't even bother reading stickied topics :p
  5. waylonn

    waylonn Well-Known Member

    We need something that actually encourage people to read the rules :p
  6. jazzasidari

    jazzasidari Well-Known Member

    You could put it as a requirement when signing up make it compulsory to read the forum rules
  7. waylonn

    waylonn Well-Known Member

    Easy to bypass... :-\
  8. jazzasidari

    jazzasidari Well-Known Member

    take points off them for doing something stupid and not reading the forum rules
  9. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    Problem with that is that then it becomes safer to just not post at all, and we don't want that.

    Similarly we don't want to give points for posting because that would encourage spamming and increase moderation efforts. (Also, we don't actually gain anything by it)
  10. Avalon78

    Avalon78 Member

    Well all in all ... I'm a new commer - And I didnt read the rules... Why? Cause every forum has it's rules which are more or less alike. You are "banned" if you use harsh language, if you insult, pick fights or worse (I've been on a forum where there was harrassing on a personal level)...
    For the rest, the rules will tell me prop. how things work on here. Which I rather hear from fellow-forum-dwellers :) No offence, but rule-books can be rather dull ;)
    And you should always check the search for threats - but that also is the same on other site hehe, cause you dont want to be told : We already have 40 of those, take your pick. (lol)
  11. Terrormaster

    Terrormaster Member

    Tha Great Site........ Thanks !!! :)))
  12. kamage

    kamage Well-Known Member

    Why was this never locked?
  13. Seph

    Seph Administrator Staff Member

    Because people can't contribute to it if locked? We don't usually lock unless people who they can't contribute to the thread. :p

    For instance, jazzasidari suggested we take points off them, that's a good contribution and a valid suggestion which probably wouldn't have been given if this has been locked.
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