Book, book, summary, game that is a book, this one, he stopped doing it?

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    I was the one who had made a book for the game sale in the era about 15 years ago.

    I do not know who this customer used to be Brand Guide Game Guide

    The conclusion that has been made is Dragon Quest VII, Final Fantasy IX, Super Robot Taisen, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire IV, Parasite Eve 2, Dino Csysis 2, which is Play Station.
    If it is a Game Boy Color, there will be Bokujou Monogatai (Harvest Moon) 3, Pokemon Gold & Silver, Zelda, Dragon Quest 1 & 2, Dragon Quest 3.

    The selling point of my book is "The translation of the whole story allows the player to understand like a native speaker" because I graduated directly in Japanese. And I am confident that my book will best answer this issue in the market at that time

    This work is fun and very tired. Because I do all alone Since the play itself concluded, pull the image that appears on the television screen onto a floppy disk with special equipment (20,000 baht per device at that time) and use Page Maker and Photoshop to make the book itself.

    In terms of item information and illustrations, it is used to buy a summary from Japan for a flight attendant.

    All equipment costs, the company issued I got a wage of 120 baht per page. One book, about 250 pages, was 30,000 baht. But doing it in the morning and night, rather than having to finish one book, was almost a month.

    During that time, the competition was really high and there were some bad publishers who made a lot of conclusions to fool people. I bought and compared to want to cry. Because the most unimportant information is not playing itself But take it from the internet And then hire a translator without seeing the picture Sometimes I saw something weird.

    For example, DQ VII has one scene to meet with the roots. In which the Japanese language is nekko (written in English, easy to understand), but the conclusion of one publisher says that it must meet a cat. Which the Japanese language is neko like this. Clearly, people do not even conclude the game itself.

    During that time, the Rocket Camp (if remembered, sorry, sorry) came up with a strong, beautiful book, excellent graphics, tight information.

    I, who do alone, must fight with "content" which is both fun and tiring. It is an invaluable experience that I would not forget for the rest of my life.

    There was once a summary of my Pokemon Gold & Silver game, selling well, selling 12,000 copies all over the country, the price of 120 baht cover, EPPO earning a profit of about 30-40 baht each.

    I received a wage of just 30,000 baht in total, but the EPPO gained almost 500,000 baht. Playing with my friends who knew the news and asked for shares. Will open the publishing house itself Then let me work hard on books But I refused because I knew that this industry would not last long. With the arrival of the internet And today it is true that I think

    This post I want to answer until I have to dig up the membership number to use. After not answering anything in Pantip for almost a year

    Would like to exchange opinions and share experiences with fellow members about this topic !!

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